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How To Plan The Perfect Christmas Party

How To Plan The Perfect Christmas Party

christmas event staff london

Planning the Perfect Christmas Party: What Options are Available?  

The Christmas party should be an event that is exciting to organise, as well as being enjoyable. Unfortunately, there can be times when time is in short supply, meaning that the festive celebrations do not always get the attention they deserve. So how do we tackle this? See below our top tips on putting on a Christmas party that your fellow colleagues won’t forget anytime soon. 

Offer Something Different Regarding Entertainment 

Although there is nothing wrong with hiring the services of a DJ for a Christmas celebration, the same playlist year after year can mean celebrations turn into monotony. There are many acts available that do not have to involve repetition or boredom? 

Why not spice things up and hire a magician and amaze the audience with some amazing trickery? If you are searching for live music that offers something different, then why not consider a fun-filled tribute band that hosts party hits from the past? With some research, the possibilities are endless. 

Choose the Right Type of Venue 

Those with a creative mind can work wonders with all types of venues, but there is no denying that sourcing the right venue can be time-consuming. However, not spending enough time could mean you’re left with a venue that offers little in the way of practicality and facilities. 

Those searching for an innovative space that offers a warm and welcoming ambiance will love The Living Room at The Little Blue Door in London. The restaurant offers a dedicated space that offers a home away from home and is perfect for those searching for an original way to celebrate the festive season. 

If you are searching for a fun-filled night of festivities, then look no further than the Chelsea Lodge. As well as offering music, magicians and much more, there is also the option of making use of the vibrant space for your office party celebrations. 

Style and sophistication are in abundance at Albert’s, a Christmas party venue located inside of Beaufort House. There is a wide selection of dishes available, and the professional aesthetics are perfect for those wanting to mix business with pleasure during the festive season. 

Add the Personal Touch 

There can be many different reasons for organising a Christmas party. As well as allowing people to let their hair down, the celebrations can also act as a thank you to others for their support. 

Those wanting to reinforce their gratitude can add a personal touch with the use of Christmas event staff, including the much needed hospitality staff. Regardless of whether you are looking to hire hostesses to welcome guests, or complement the service with waitresses and mixologists, you can be confident of a memorable night that everyone will enjoy. 

Let a Professional Take Care of the Stressful Details 

Do you find that you are constantly having to discuss prices and availability regarding entertainment? 

Maybe you can’t find a caterer that can provide food for those with dietary requirements? Regardless of the problems you come across when organising a Christmas party, it can be time consuming and expensive. 

Some may assume that enlisting the services of a professional can be more expensive than going it alone, but this isn’t the case. Elpromotions has provided event management services for over a decade including, but not limited to, Christmas event staff, entertainment, DJs, bar staff, waitresses, mixologists, and venue hire. 

What’s more, the experience Elpromotions has in the industry ensures that you are never paying more than you need to for your Christmas party requirements. 

If you want your next Christmas party to be memorable without going over budget, then why not contact Elpromotions to discuss your requirements in more detail. 

The Importance of Experiential Marketing Following the Pandemic

The Importance of Experiential Marketing Following the Pandemic

experiential marketing staff in london

Despite the bad news associated with the pandemic, it also highlighted the resilience of companies and the importance of experiential marketing staff.

During lockdown, many businesses prospered. However, many businesses witnessed a downturn in trade, especially those in the hospitality sector.

As the restrictions have been lifted, businesses have been keen to connect with customers and make the right impression. This is where the benefits of experiential marketing come into play, but to get the most from this form of marketing, a business needs to understand the concept.

What Is Experiential Marketing?

Experiential marketing is a term that refers to a brand making connections with the customer in unique ways. A tried and tested method of experiential marketing can be seen with the Coca Cola brand, whose Christmas themed truck makes several stops throughout the UK during the festive season.

A more recent example is the ‘Pride Slide’ by Tinder. The attraction was popular with the public, while protesting the lack of laws surrounding the LGBTQ+ community. This solidifies the importance of experiential marketing, and precisely how effective it can be.

Why Experiential Marketing is a Must Following the Pandemic?

Over the years, many brands have worked hard to build bonds with customers, but the onset of COVID-19 meant customers were limited to the products and services they use for several reasons. Many businesses created new ways to deal with customers and navigate through the uncertainty of the pandemic.

As such, many brands and businesses have leveraged the benefits of experiential marketing staffing, as it allows them to make quick connections with customers, while ensuring the encounter is memorable.

A business can choose several avenues regarding experiential marketing, but they must have an instant appeal to potential customers. Promotional models wearing branded clothing and bearing an inviting smile can work wonders when promoting a product or service, as can hostesses.

The possibilities available regarding experiential marketing are endless, but depending on the goals of the business, it can be a good idea to enlist the services of an experiential marketing agency.

Why Consider an Experiential Agency?

Although experiential marketing can seem straightforward, there are several factors to consider. Those dealing with experiential marketing for the first time could find the process time-consuming and overwhelming, especially those considering the use of hostesses or commercial models.

Fortunately, employing the services of a professional experiential marketing campaign can ensure the business is making the right approach when connecting with customers, while still ensuring that the marketing strategy is unique.

Whether you are looking for a commercial modelling agency in London or want to take advantage of promotional girls to add some charisma to your next marketing event, Elpromotions can offer a tailored service to meet your requirements in every instance.

Why Choose Elpromotions Experiential Marketing Staff?

Given the factors that need to be considered when putting a strategy together regarding experimental marketing, it stands to reason that businesses and brands want to use an experiential marketing company that is professional and punctual.

Whether you are searching for promotional models or simply want to discuss your plans with a professional experiential marketing agency, why not contact Elpromotions to discuss your requirements in more detail?

Ibiza in 2021 and why we still love our favourite island

Ibiza in 2021 and why we still love our favourite island

ibiza 2021 elpromotions agency events in ibiza

Last month we spent a rather ‘busy’ but awesome week in Ibiza since the Covid restrictions were lifted. It felt really good to see the the Airport busy again and people queuing to get to bars and restaurants. We felt a sense of relief. Although large scale events, clubs and parties still remain closed until further notice.

Our week was spent working on a variety of exciting campaigns, some for our staffing division in Ibiza and also for our lovely clients. We worked with London based events company S2 Events, who managed a series of private events in Ibiza. We assisted with a Production Crew Support  for a Private Villa party and a VIP evening event held at one of our favourite sunset spots – Experimental Beach Club. If you haven’t visited – you should definitely add it to your list!

ibiza VIP event production company


Our second stop was a photoshoot and videoshoot for our own brand UNCU London. Proudly born in the 2020 lockdown – a new collection shoot for Mulberry silk scrunchies, hair accessories and luxe Silk face masks was overdue and what better place to have as a backdrop than Ibiza!


uncu london ibiza photoshoot@unculondon


Yes, Ibiza 2021 is very different from a pre-pandemic 2018 but the island has bounced back. Ibiza strongly relies on international tourism, in particular British Tourism. Despite the awful few years we’ve all had, positive energy and happy vibes are shining through.

What we love most about Ibiza is that everyone can have a different holiday, there really is choice for all ages, backgrounds, food and music. Although Ibiza is no longer the ‘crazy party island’, due to several curfew restrictions still in place. Day time parties are still very much happening where you can enjoy yourself until 1am.

If you are anything like us, we have enjoyed the quieter times, chilled beach clubs and the wonderful worldwide cuisine Ibiza has to offer. It is worth going through the long airport queues, endless forms and expensive tests. What awaits on the other side is the most spectacular views, nature and gorgeous restaurants we love so much and the reason we keep coming back for more.

Here are some of our favourite spots and suggestions in Ibiza 2021.


Experimental Beach Club

One of our favourite beach clubs and sunset spots on the island. Located at Cap d’es Falco, within in the protected Las Salinas nature reserve. If your Ibiza plans are chilled then this elegant, beach bar and restaurant is for you.

elpromotions agency ibiza



Located in a prime spot in the middle of Ibiza Town’s Marina Botafoch, this iconic off-the-beaten-track bar & restaurant boasts spectacular views over Dalt Vila. Their show dining and nightclub will give you a night that you will never forget. Lio Ibiza offers delightful Chef bites, astounding artists and interactive live shows. Lio is open for dinner from May until October.

lio ibiza by elpromotions agency


Jul’s Ibiza

Jul’s is a modern Greek restaurant and garden lounge, located in the south of Ibiza by Sa Caleta Beach. This authentic place has plenty of flavours to send you on a journey from Spain to Greece and back again. Definitely a must visit!

juls ibiza restaurant

To find out more about our services or just fancy a chat, drop us a message at or complete the form here

Announcing Elpromotions Agency rebrand!

Announcing Elpromotions Agency rebrand!

As we welcome warmer temperatures and the end of a lengthy lockdown, we guessed a brand refresh is in order! Say hello to Elpromotions revamp and agency rebrand. Because why not?

We are so excited to announce our brand new agency website with all the exciting new features. If you are a model and are interested in joining us, we have made the registration process much easier by creating a dedicated Staff Area. In our brand spanking new staff page, models are now able to register, and login to their own profile. Each model profile page allows to upload photos, videos and amend personal information 24/7. The main aim of the agency rebrand was to offer our users a much smoother browsing experience, whilst introducing stronger brand colours such as black and dark grey.

For our amazing Clients, we have created a Shortlist page with an option to save all your favourite models and staff members. Our direct email option allows your shortlist to be emailed to yourself of team members for that all important selection process.

In light of the new rules and our upgraded service offers; our virtual event staff and online brand ambassadors are committed to helping you. We have also added in new services as per popular demand and changes to Covid 19 rules. Our brand new services include Social Distancing Staff, Virtual Hostesses and Event Staff and many more. As usual, our staff is available nationwide across the UK and Ibiza, Spain. 

We are excited for 2021 and eternally grateful for our fantastic team, who have been working hard on the agency rebrand, ensuring our clients and staff members have the best possible user experience. 

This summer, we are looking forward to welcoming new staff, models and clients. To hire our amazing staff for your next event, please contact us here or complete a free quote form. 


Formula 1 Staffing – Should Grid Girls return to Formula 1?

Formula 1 Staffing – Should Grid Girls return to Formula 1?

formula 1 gird girl holding jenson button team flag
Formula One World Championship, British Grand Prix at Silverstone 2014. Elpromotions Grid Girl for Jenson Button (GBR) McLaren.

Tell us about an event which isn’t made better with high level staffing and a friendly smile. 

It’s okay, we can wait…

The point is, there is no area of the hospitality industry which can’t be enhanced with the right staff, and Formula 1 is no different. Back in 2018, F1 eradicated their use of “grid-girls”, under headlines of over-sexualisation and objectification – but are these arguments really still relevant in today’s society?

At the time of the enforcement, the motorsport hostesses themselves fought back against the ruling, stating that their job was their choice, and that the link to their role and their physical appearance had little to do with objectification. However, it was determined that race weekends would continue with a more corporate hospitality staffing figure at the helm. 

But where’s the fun in that? 

Here at Elpromotions, we believe that the reinstatement of events following Covid-19 will once again change the way we approach the hospitality industry – from all angles. Back in 2014 we provided grid girls for the British Grand Prix 50th Anniversary race at Silverstone in the UK, and despite changing the image of the industry, our service has never diminished, and our smiles have never faded. 

Our Formula 1 staffing service provides a lot more than an aesthetic feature, focussing on event delivery and team supervision, lead generation, and VIP management. Our motorsport hostesses are professional and can maintain a corporate image which aligns with the event and the branding – while channelling the high profile service expected of corporate hostesses. Not only that, but we also offer multilingual hostesses and VIP staff, business event management and operational support staff.

Looking forward to 2021 and beyond, we believe that there is a place for the modern day equivalent of a “grid girl”, by removing the gender bias and instead focussing on the delivery of highly trained, professional, and presentable event and hospitality experts.  

This year’s British Grand Prix is taking place at the Silverstone Circuit 16-18 July 2021.

The Formula 1 Pirelli British Grand Prix is the biggest and fastest sporting event in the UK. It’s an unrivalled weekend festival of limitless fun, energy and entertainment with plenty of on and off track action. 

Why social distancing and virtual event staff is now essential

Why social distancing and virtual event staff is now essential

social distancing and virtual event staff blog

How the events industry has changed?

The events industry has changed in the past year, but companies still require staffing and hospitality professionals. We’ve all had to adapt to a new way of working and learn how to deliver events virtually. The event staff need to be trained in how to use PPE and how to manage large number of guests. Furthermore,  they also need to be able to engage with customers, promote key messaging and increase brand awareness.

We have worked hard and spent a great deal on re-training our staff members to comply with the above. Our Social Distancing Brand Ambassadors and Hostesses are there to welcome guests and help with pedestrian traffic control. They will also encourage effective use of PPE whilst maintaining social distancing.

In light of the new rules, our brand ambassadors and event staff are fully committed to encouraging the public’s adherence to Covid-19 regulations. Our staff are there to engage with customers regarding key brand messages and offers. 

Why virtual events are now essential?

We understand that events have changed drastically during the last year. Just like many other creative event agencies, we are no longer able to support our clients on-site. With that said, we know that staffing requirement for experienced online support staff still remains – it has now become essential! Our events are virtual, but our customer targets and high expectations remain the same.

As a response to the ongoing pandemic, Elpromotions is proud to provide virtual event staff, virtual hosts and brand ambassadors – who can help to support your business. 

All our virtual event professionals are highly trained in IT systems. Rest assured, they are able to manage a large number of guests as well as engage with your customers and promote any key marketing messages. Sounds too good to be true right? Our aim is to take the stress off your shoulders and letting you focus on the importance of customer relationships and growing the business. 

Here at Elpromotions, we understand that having trained and experienced social distancing and virtual event staff in hand is the ultimate key to running a successful online event. 

New business strategy

Virtual online meetings and events have become a crucial part of business strategy and have proved a safe and effective way to host meetings. These include conferences, awards evenings and even company all-hands Zoom calls that were traditionally held in person across the world. If you wish to get your message heard – virtual events are the way to go. We believe virtual events will only get bigger in 2021 as the UK and the rest of the world slowly eases back into the normal life, as we know it.

To book one of our lovely social distancing or virtual event staff for your next event or function, drop us a message here. 

UNCU London Donates 300 Face Masks to Royal Trinity Hospice

UNCU London Donates 300 Face Masks to Royal Trinity Hospice

Earlier this week our sister company UNCU London (and the provider of the coolest face masks in town) visited the Royal Trinity Hospice in London and donated over 300 face masks to support the hospice workers. UNCU London’s aim is to keep charity workers safe (and looking stylish!) whilst working in retail shops and travelling to and from work.

The face mask brand also created special thank you packs including masks and protective pouches for all Royal Trinity Hospice Retail Workers across London. We hope these fun and quirky face coverings will bring a little sunshine to their daily commute.

How can you help Royal Trinity Hospice patients?

At any one time the hospice is typically caring for over 740 patients with a life-limiting illness, many of them in the last few months of their lives.

Last year, it cost £16 million to provide outstanding free care to over 2,500 patients – and only a quarter of this is funded by the NHS.

They need your support to help them to be there for all the patients and their families who need the care in these difficult times.

Please donate today to secure Trinity’s services, whatever you can – and then spread the word and urge everyone you know to do the same. They need you now.



Why Ibiza Is Great For Brand Partnerships – Especially Now

Why Ibiza Is Great For Brand Partnerships – Especially Now

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused disruption across all industries; from events to tourism, retail, hospitality and the corporate sector. Since the pandemic began, and as we look towards a future shrouded by “the new normal”, it has become obvious that the way brands communicate with their customers and clients has got to change – embracing a shift in online engagement and conversation as a new means of targeting, attracting and marketing to the right audiences. Above all, brands are facing an increasing pressure to stand out.

But amid the uncertainty and the concern for the world’s economy, a beacon of light has begun to shine through – a light that says This Will Pass. Stores will reopen, the hospitality and events industry will boom once again, and travel is set to restart in time for the summer – with the Ibiza lockdown already making waves with announcements that the tourism season on the island of Ibiza will reopen by the end of July.

What does this mean? It means that when the world starts to reopen, every brand out there will be vying for crucial marketing space and social media presence, in an attempt to bolster their activity and stand out in the eyes of their customers. One way to do this is with a brand activation event, and where better place than the home of extravagance and celebration – Ibiza.

Viber Campaign with Elpromotions Ibiza

The value of Ibiza in light of brand partnerships

Ibiza has long been renowned as the destination for party-goers; boasting the best DJ’s, the best club nights, and the best guest lists in the world. Celebrities flock to Ibiza for their annual girls’ holiday or lads’ trip, and our social feeds and magazines are often filled with sunshine shots from the shores of the island as they share stories of late nights and extravagant cocktails. In fact, most recently Ibiza has been the subject of a whole new type of popularity – with Netflix show ‘White Lines’ bringing the spotlight on to Ibiza and casting an even wider net around the potential for new tourists to flock to the island when it reopens, in search of the atmosphere depicted in the now-popular tv series.

But that’s not all Ibiza has to offer. Since the early 2000’s, Ibiza has been recognised as the home of another type of advertising – and that’s launch events and brand activation strategies.

After all, with more than 100 miles of coastline, 50 different beaches and over 6 million tourists visiting the island every year – their pockets filled with holiday funds and very little competition –  where better place to cause a splash with a brand or product launch?

How to harness the power of Ibiza to create success for your brand

Despite the value of Ibiza marketing and the potential for experiential campaigns on the shores of the Spanish island, success still depends on a couple of key criteria:

  1. High quality products and services
  2. A great user experience and high level of engagement
  3. A winning marketing strategy

Launching in Ibiza provides a high level springboard for your brand or product, but before you even set foot on the shores of the island, you need to have a great product or service to offer, and a winning strategy which is underpinned by targeted marketing and high user engagement.

While the product itself is up to you, understanding the value of an Ibiza partnership launch is what will make or break your launch – and that’s where Elpromotions Ibiza comes in. With the seasoned experts from Juce Ibiza close by, boasting years of experience in promoting and selling everything from services to products to the tourists of Ibiza, our multilingual team and well-trained experiential staffing agency can turn your marketing strategy into a fully functional machine – capturing the attention of tourists from all over the world and creating the splash your brand needs to stand out in a sea of attractions and distractions.

Ibiza Models at Ushuaia Beach Hotel

What you should be doing NOW

COVID-19 has changed the way the world works. And while face-to-face meetings and store openings are on hold, now is the time for brands to be creating a long term strategy which embraces these changes – getting to grips with how online can support your message, and understanding how you can use your existing network to widen your target audience and approach new customers.

Ask yourself this – when was the last time you provided something of value to your customer? Whether it’s a webinar, live stream with your founder, or tips and tricks in a social media post, providing value through your online marketing is what will capture the attention of your customers – and keep it. Reshare old launch photos with a throwback promise of more exciting launches to come; update your ad campaigns, and spend time focussing your content on the people who are actually engaging with it.

But above all, now is the time to start considering how you can pull all of your efforts together into a launch which will kickstart your brand proposition with a BOOM. A launch in Ibiza may seem like an extravagance, but with a track record with brands such as Viber and Glo Worldwide encompassing their different briefs across a range of suitable venues all over the island, Elpromotions creates the kind of user experience that won’t get lost in a sea of social media and other worldly news.

And trust us, once the world starts to reopen again, standing out will be at the heart of every brands’ to-do list.

Elpromotions supports the kind of event that people will be talking about for months afterwards; and the kind of launch which will show your customers what your brand is all about – in the most effective way possible.

For more information on a product launch or brand activation in Ibiza with Elpromotions get in touch with our team at

Proud To Support Pride With Paddy Power

Proud To Support Pride With Paddy Power

Elpromotions were proud to work with iconic bookmakers Paddy Power where we supplied wheel stewards, image models, promotional models, a DJ, a drag queen and even a body painter to make their campaign “Come out and play” at Brighton Pride 2019 go out with a bang.


brighton pride 2019 paddy power


Why we’re proud

Paddy Power is not one to shy away from sport and environmental causes they believe in – they are proud to wear their heart and sexuality on their sleeves and this time they wanted to tackle the issue of homophobia in football where there is a lack of openness regarding LGBTQ in the Premier League.

In order to encourage diversity and help players speak out with confidence; Paddy Power built a symbolic team that welcomed all the LGBTQ players from across the country called Proud United. And Elpromotions, as a promotions staffing agency, we were delighted to send some of our top talent to help make the event even brighter.


brighton pride 2019


Delivering a great message

Headed by retired footballer Graeme Souness, Proud United walked under a colossal ‘Game Changer’ football themed balloon at the Pride parade. The ball was held by rainbow colored ribbons to the foot of a gigantic inflatable footballer who in mid-kick pose was taller than a two storey house!

Elpromotions promo staff set up camp around the central feature and communicated the key message “COME OUT AND PLAY” to people throughout the day. They provided the attractions run by male and female promotional staff behind the scenes.


pride event staffing agency


How we helped

For the 2nd year running, we provided a complete staffing solution for this year’s Pride. We worked closely with our client Officer & Gentelman supporting Paddy Power to spread the message.

We provided a DJ who entertained the crowd during the Brighton Pride 2019 Parade. He entertained the crowds with a mobile disco booth; an open top truck with turntables, that was later parked up at the head of the balloon.

One of our artistic body-painters was also on hand to help decorate people at the parade along with a gorgeous drag queen. We also provided male and female fitness models that spread the message ‘come out and play’ theme to as many revellers as possible.

We also provided the interactive wheel stewards who walked beside the moving truck for the length of the parade. They were cheering people on and getting them into the festival spirit!

Meanwhile, Elpromotions image models were at the Pride Festival in Preston Park; meeting festival goers and spreading the word about the campaign.

Body-painted in Paddy Power brand colours; they gave away branded merchandise by shooting them out of handheld air cannons – it certainly went with a bang!

Our promotional staff enjoyed delivering a message at Pride that is certainly making the beautiful game a little more beautiful – same time next year Paddy Power?




If you would like to enquire about booking event hostesses, promotional staff or models then get in touch!

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Road To The Mainstage With Firestone

Road To The Mainstage With Firestone

In May 2019, Firestone presented “Road to the Mainstage” activation at All Points East Festival that hosted new up-and-coming artists. Elpromotions Agency worked with Wave Agency to support Firestone Europe festival campaign after a successful Firestone activation in 2018.

This year, we provided two teams of event staff. The promotions team included male and female staff members, especially hand-picked for the activation.

All Points East Festival at Victoria Park in London stretched over 10 days, with live band performances on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Road to the Mainstage with Firestone

It wasn’t just the acts that caught attention – our staff did too!

The festival hosted many impressive acts which caught fans attentions and had them queuing at the entrance. Our promo staff sported the Firestone outfits with promo girls wearing fabulous red lipstick, they attracted a great amount of attention. All looked the part, arrived on time, and ready to tackle the Firestone activation queues. The activation booth was split into two accessible sections: the tattoo container and the Play & Win container, located next to the stage.

London Event Staffing at All Points East Festival

Firestone activation booth and ‘Road to the Mainstage’ stage for young artists.

What went on

In the tattoo container, airbrush tattoos were available. Our friendly event hostesses welcomed the festival goers in, helped them choose their favourite design and sat them in a chair where the tattoo specialist would then complete the tattoo placement. Once that was complete, our hostesses directed them through the correct exit whilst telling them about the tag and share competition.

Over in the play & win container there was a ‘Spin the Tyre’ game set up. Our male and female hosts encouraged party people to have a go at the spin the tyre game. Our event hosts managed to drum up much excitement for the game, and though ever the professional promotions hosts and hostesses, they couldn’t help getting a little excited for the winners!

Firestone Festival Event Hostesses

Elpromotions London Promotional Staff at All Points East Festival 2019

Same time next year Firestone?

Firestone delivered another fantastic experiential activation full of exciting games and giveaways. We are proud to have worked on such a successful event and can’t wait for next year!


If you would like to enquire about booking event hostesses, promotional staff or models then get in touch!

0333 011 5463