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UNCU London Donates 300 Face Masks to Royal Trinity Hospice

UNCU London Donates 300 Face Masks to Royal Trinity Hospice

uncu london donates to Trinity London Hospice

Earlier this week our sister company UNCU London (and the provider of the coolest face masks in town) visited the Royal Trinity Hospice in London and donated over 300 face masks to support the hospice workers. UNCU London’s aim is to keep charity workers safe (and looking stylish!) whilst working in retail shops and travelling to and from work.

The face mask brand also created special thank you packs including masks and protective pouches for all Royal Trinity Hospice Retail Workers across London. We hope these fun and quirky face coverings will bring a little sunshine to their daily commute.

How can you help Royal Trinity Hospice patients?

At any one time the hospice is typically caring for over 740 patients with a life-limiting illness, many of them in the last few months of their lives.

Last year, it cost £16 million to provide outstanding free care to over 2,500 patients – and only a quarter of this is funded by the NHS.

They need your support to help them to be there for all the patients and their families who need the care in these difficult times.

Please donate today to secure Trinity’s services, whatever you can – and then spread the word and urge everyone you know to do the same. They need you now.

Why Ibiza Is Great For Brand Partnerships – Especially Now

Why Ibiza Is Great For Brand Partnerships – Especially Now

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused disruption across all industries; from events to tourism, retail, hospitality and the corporate sector. Since the pandemic began, and as we look towards a future shrouded by “the new normal”, it has become obvious that the way brands communicate with their customers and clients has got to change – embracing a shift in online engagement and conversation as a new means of targeting, attracting and marketing to the right audiences. Above all, brands are facing an increasing pressure to stand out.

But amid the uncertainty and the concern for the world’s economy, a beacon of light has begun to shine through – a light that says This Will Pass. Stores will reopen, the hospitality and events industry will boom once again, and travel is set to restart in time for the summer – with the Ibiza lockdown already making waves with announcements that the tourism season on the island of Ibiza will reopen by the end of July.

What does this mean? It means that when the world starts to reopen, every brand out there will be vying for crucial marketing space and social media presence, in an attempt to bolster their activity and stand out in the eyes of their customers. One way to do this is with a brand activation event, and where better place than the home of extravagance and celebration – Ibiza.

Viber Campaign with Elpromotions Ibiza

The value of Ibiza in light of brand partnerships

Ibiza has long been renowned as the destination for party-goers; boasting the best DJ’s, the best club nights, and the best guest lists in the world. Celebrities flock to Ibiza for their annual girls’ holiday or lads’ trip, and our social feeds and magazines are often filled with sunshine shots from the shores of the island as they share stories of late nights and extravagant cocktails. In fact, most recently Ibiza has been the subject of a whole new type of popularity – with Netflix show ‘White Lines’ bringing the spotlight on to Ibiza and casting an even wider net around the potential for new tourists to flock to the island when it reopens, in search of the atmosphere depicted in the now-popular tv series.

But that’s not all Ibiza has to offer. Since the early 2000’s, Ibiza has been recognised as the home of another type of advertising – and that’s launch events and brand activation strategies.

After all, with more than 100 miles of coastline, 50 different beaches and over 6 million tourists visiting the island every year – their pockets filled with holiday funds and very little competition –  where better place to cause a splash with a brand or product launch?

How to harness the power of Ibiza to create success for your brand

Despite the value of Ibiza marketing and the potential for experiential campaigns on the shores of the Spanish island, success still depends on a couple of key criteria:

  1. High quality products and services
  2. A great user experience and high level of engagement
  3. A winning marketing strategy

Launching in Ibiza provides a high level springboard for your brand or product, but before you even set foot on the shores of the island, you need to have a great product or service to offer, and a winning strategy which is underpinned by targeted marketing and high user engagement.

While the product itself is up to you, understanding the value of an Ibiza partnership launch is what will make or break your launch – and that’s where Elpromotions Ibiza comes in. With the seasoned experts from Juce Ibiza close by, boasting years of experience in promoting and selling everything from services to products to the tourists of Ibiza, our multilingual team and well-trained experiential staffing agency can turn your marketing strategy into a fully functional machine – capturing the attention of tourists from all over the world and creating the splash your brand needs to stand out in a sea of attractions and distractions.

Ibiza Models at Ushuaia Beach Hotel

What you should be doing NOW

COVID-19 has changed the way the world works. And while face-to-face meetings and store openings are on hold, now is the time for brands to be creating a long term strategy which embraces these changes – getting to grips with how online can support your message, and understanding how you can use your existing network to widen your target audience and approach new customers.

Ask yourself this – when was the last time you provided something of value to your customer? Whether it’s a webinar, live stream with your founder, or tips and tricks in a social media post, providing value through your online marketing is what will capture the attention of your customers – and keep it. Reshare old launch photos with a throwback promise of more exciting launches to come; update your ad campaigns, and spend time focussing your content on the people who are actually engaging with it.

But above all, now is the time to start considering how you can pull all of your efforts together into a launch which will kickstart your brand proposition with a BOOM. A launch in Ibiza may seem like an extravagance, but with a track record with brands such as Viber and Glo Worldwide encompassing their different briefs across a range of suitable venues all over the island, Elpromotions creates the kind of user experience that won’t get lost in a sea of social media and other worldly news.

And trust us, once the world starts to reopen again, standing out will be at the heart of every brands’ to-do list.

Elpromotions supports the kind of event that people will be talking about for months afterwards; and the kind of launch which will show your customers what your brand is all about – in the most effective way possible.

For more information on a product launch or brand activation in Ibiza with Elpromotions get in touch with our team at

Proud To Support Pride With Paddy Power

Proud To Support Pride With Paddy Power

Elpromotions were proud to work with iconic bookmakers Paddy Power where we supplied wheel stewards, image models, promotional models, a DJ, a drag queen and even a body painter to make their campaign “Come out and play” at Brighton Pride 2019 go out with a bang.


brighton pride 2019 paddy power


Why we’re proud

Paddy Power is not one to shy away from sport and environmental causes they believe in – they are proud to wear their heart and sexuality on their sleeves and this time they wanted to tackle the issue of homophobia in football where there is a lack of openness regarding LGBTQ in the Premier League.

In order to encourage diversity and help players speak out with confidence; Paddy Power built a symbolic team that welcomed all the LGBTQ players from across the country called Proud United. And Elpromotions, as a promotions staffing agency, we were delighted to send some of our top talent to help make the event even brighter.


brighton pride 2019


Delivering a great message

Headed by retired footballer Graeme Souness, Proud United walked under a colossal ‘Game Changer’ football themed balloon at the Pride parade. The ball was held by rainbow colored ribbons to the foot of a gigantic inflatable footballer who in mid-kick pose was taller than a two storey house!

Elpromotions promo staff set up camp around the central feature and communicated the key message “COME OUT AND PLAY” to people throughout the day. They provided the attractions run by male and female promotional staff behind the scenes.


pride event staffing agency


How we helped

For the 2nd year running, we provided a complete staffing solution for this year’s Pride. We worked closely with our client Officer & Gentelman supporting Paddy Power to spread the message.

We provided a DJ who entertained the crowd during the Brighton Pride 2019 Parade. He entertained the crowds with a mobile disco booth; an open top truck with turntables, that was later parked up at the head of the balloon.

One of our artistic body-painters was also on hand to help decorate people at the parade along with a gorgeous drag queen. We also provided male and female fitness models that spread the message ‘come out and play’ theme to as many revellers as possible.

We also provided the interactive wheel stewards who walked beside the moving truck for the length of the parade. They were cheering people on and getting them into the festival spirit!

Meanwhile, Elpromotions image models were at the Pride Festival in Preston Park; meeting festival goers and spreading the word about the campaign.

Body-painted in Paddy Power brand colours; they gave away branded merchandise by shooting them out of handheld air cannons – it certainly went with a bang!

Our promotional staff enjoyed delivering a message at Pride that is certainly making the beautiful game a little more beautiful – same time next year Paddy Power?




If you would like to enquire about booking event hostesses, promotional staff or models then get in touch!

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Road To The Mainstage With Firestone

Road To The Mainstage With Firestone

In May 2019, Firestone presented “Road to the Mainstage” activation at All Points East Festival that hosted new up-and-coming artists. Elpromotions Agency worked with Wave Agency to support Firestone Europe festival campaign after a successful Firestone activation in 2018.

This year, we provided two teams of event staff. The promotions team included male and female staff members, especially hand-picked for the activation.

All Points East Festival at Victoria Park in London stretched over 10 days, with live band performances on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Road to the Mainstage with Firestone

It wasn’t just the acts that caught attention – our staff did too!

The festival hosted many impressive acts which caught fans attentions and had them queuing at the entrance. Our promo staff sported the Firestone outfits with promo girls wearing fabulous red lipstick, they attracted a great amount of attention. All looked the part, arrived on time, and ready to tackle the Firestone activation queues. The activation booth was split into two accessible sections: the tattoo container and the Play & Win container, located next to the stage.

London Event Staffing at All Points East Festival

Firestone activation booth and ‘Road to the Mainstage’ stage for young artists.

What went on

In the tattoo container, airbrush tattoos were available. Our friendly event hostesses welcomed the festival goers in, helped them choose their favourite design and sat them in a chair where the tattoo specialist would then complete the tattoo placement. Once that was complete, our hostesses directed them through the correct exit whilst telling them about the tag and share competition.

Over in the play & win container there was a ‘Spin the Tyre’ game set up. Our male and female hosts encouraged party people to have a go at the spin the tyre game. Our event hosts managed to drum up much excitement for the game, and though ever the professional promotions hosts and hostesses, they couldn’t help getting a little excited for the winners!

Firestone Festival Event Hostesses

Elpromotions London Promotional Staff at All Points East Festival 2019

Same time next year Firestone?

Firestone delivered another fantastic experiential activation full of exciting games and giveaways. We are proud to have worked on such a successful event and can’t wait for next year!


If you would like to enquire about booking event hostesses, promotional staff or models then get in touch!

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Hostesses Shine At Huawei MWC Event In London

Hostesses Shine At Huawei MWC Event In London

In February 2019, Elpromotions Agency Huawei hostesses worked at the MWC Warm-up event in London, where Huawei released the “Simplified 5G” deployment strategy.

Elpromotions is the preferred staffing supplier in London for the Chinese tech giant. Huawei approached us to provide corporate conference hostesses and meet & greet staff.

It was an informative event with opportunities for guests to have comprehensive and detailed panel discussions. Huawei believe the future of mobile networks will head in the direction of simplifying networks, automation, and thus offering simplified solutions to businesses.


Huawei Congress Hostesses MWC 2019 LondonElpromotions Hostesses at Huawei MWC 2019 at The Savoy Hotel, London


A full service – exactly to the client’s requirements

MWC 2019 was a 2-day conference was held at the beautiful Savoy Hotel in London. Our hostesses spent day one doing training and second day was the conference. Our corporate hostesses looked the part in their elegant white dresses, black shoes and hair tied up neatly. They presented themselves at the Souvenir collection stand providing meet and greet services. They also handed out souvenirs to delegates and snapped a few photos throughout their very busy day.


London Corporate Hostesses

VIP Hostess Services

Our dedicated event hostesses certainly did us proud by once again receiving repeat positive client feedback.

Elpromotions Exhibition Staffing Agency is a preferred supplier for Huawei London events. Most recently Elpromotions London Hostess Agency assisted at the Huawei Global MBB Forum 2018 in London.

Elpromotions Staff are booked across the IT, technology, consumer, B2B and B2C sectors on a diverse range of events. Our main staffing services include meet and greet hostesses, registration staff, demonstration staff, directional staff and promotional staff.




If you would like to find out about booking corporate hostesses, team leaders or event managers get in touch with one of our friendly team members here or drop us an email at

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Xiaomi UK Event Staff At Westfield Store Launch

Xiaomi UK Event Staff At Westfield Store Launch

MyTech Retailed launched the first Xiaomi store in the UK on Sunday 18th November 2018 at Westfield White City in London.

Xiaomi is a reputable Chinese tech giant that develops high quality technology devices with affordable price tags. Their first UK store launch event at Westfield was a success that saw customers queuing outside the store throughout the day.

Xiaomi UK Event Staff at Westfield London

Xiaomi UK Event Staff

Store Launch

 Our helpful promo girls handed out flyers and discount vouchers to customers in the queue. Visitors could not hide their joy as the promo girls presented free gifts to the first three customers!

Xiaomi awarded customers with treats and there were discounts available for customers who bought any of the Xiaomi products. Loyal fans queued up, making it easy for promo girls to deliver flyers and balloons. Xiaomi UK event staff assisted guests as they took pictures with the photo call and the adorable Xiaomi mascot.

Promotional Models at Westfield White City

Photo Call and VIP Event Staff

The photo call opportunity excited a lot of people and kept the crowd entertained and excited. They shared photos on social media platforms with a hashtag #SeeMiFirst. It was great to have an engaging presenter, who kept the crowd lively by also throwing in a few jokes.

The event guests received free gifts and exciting product giveaways throughout the day. The customers fell in love with Xiaomi, as a result high sales were made during the launch of Xiaomi store.

Elpromotions provided promotional girls, presenter and a mascot for the launch event. Our promo models took care of the large number of guests who turned up for the grand opening event.

London Presenter at Westfield White City

Xiaomi Host & Presenter Yass

Elpromotions Staff are booked across the IT, technology, consumer, B2B and B2C sectors on a diverse range of events. Our main services include meet & greet hostesses, registration & demonstration staff, directional staff and promotional staff. Our event team have over 10 years experience organising and managing high profile campaigns for brands in the UK and and Ibiza.

Do you have an upcoming store launch and are thinking about booking staff? Then talk to one of our friendly team to see how we can boost your brand!

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Horizn Studios Promotional Campaign

Horizn Studios Promotional Campaign

Elpromotions Agency provided male brand ambassadors for Horizn Studios promotional campaign in London. Horizn opened its first pop-up store in London and we were asked to provide staff to help with the promotion.

The promo activity required ‘hip and cool’ male models to create a buzz around the brand. The Horizn promo guys cycled around Central London during the 6-week pop-up campaign.

Horizn Studios London Brand Ambassadors

How did we raise brand awareness?

Elpromotions models task was to collect and drop off suitcases in the new pop-up space in Soho. The primary task for the guys cycling was to go around busy London areas and intensify brand awareness. Our used a well-known, busy and well-populated routes, making the campaign a success.

Horizn Studios promotional campaign required models to be on-brand, dynamic, modern, young and fashionable. The promotional models were well conversant with the brand background before embarking on their shifts.

Our models were efficient in their work as they cycled carrying the suitcases to the designated areas and drop-off points. They were polite and executed their duties diligently. As a result, the brand awareness campaign was a success with a positive impact emanating post-launch.

Our team reached a large number of people, who are now aware of the Horizn brand. Horizn also received an excellent reception at their flagship store.

Horizn Studios promotional campaign

Male models wore black Horizn Studios branded caps and t-shirts. They attracted people to check out the buzz which effectively met the main aim of the event – raising brand awareness. The models carried suitcases on their bikes throughout the activity, attracting passers by.

Have an upcoming brand awareness campaign?

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Huawei Global MBB Forum 2018

Huawei Global MBB Forum 2018

In November 2018, Elpromotions Agency was briefed to supply corporate event staff for the upcoming Global Mobile Broadband Forum. We worked closely with MCI China to support Huawei on their Global MBB Forum Congress at ExCel London. In addition to London Excel Exhibition Centre, Huawei hosted daily talks and seminars at The Savoy Hotel and East Wintergarden in Central London.

Elpromotions event team included VIP Event Hostesses for Gala Dinner and Corporate Hostesses & Team Leader for the Congress.

Huawei cooperated with over 10 operators and 20 industry partners to demonstrate a shared vision of future mobile connectivity. This included 5G, the Internet Of Things, the latest MBB industry trends, AI, Cloud VR/AR, connected cars and industrial.

Huawei Conference London

Huawei Global MBB Forum 2018

Huawei Global MBB Forum – Main event objectives

5G leadership and MBB business ecosystem development in Europe

MBB new business opportunities

Facilitate cooperation among operators & verticals to expand MBB market

Formulate better policies and regulations for wireless industry

Huawei conference welcomed over 1400 attendees from CXO/VP customers, industry partners, standards organisations, alliance groups, research institutes and media.

Huawei Global MBB Forum Corporate Staff

Corporate Hostess Agency for Huawei for Global MBB Forum

Huawei Forum successfully launched the Speakers’ Corner in the exhibition area, inviting industry eco-system partners to present the most innovative 5G applications and discuss new business models in the upcoming 5G era.

Main topics covered included: AI, 5G technology, drone management platform and e-healthcare.

The annual Global MBB Forum, hosted by Huawei brought together mobile network operators, vertical industry leaders, and broader MBB ecosystem players to showcase real-world case studies.

Huawei Global MBB Forum Hostesses

Elpromotions London Conference Team with Huawei at London ExCel

Elpromotions Exhibition Staffing Agency is a preferred supplier for Huawei London events. Most recently Elpromotions London Hostess Agency assisted at the Huawei Mobile World Congress 2019.

Elpromotions Staff are booked across the IT, technology, consumer, B2B and B2C sectors on a diverse range of events. Our main staffing services include meet and greet hostesses, registration staff, demonstration staff, directional staff and promotional staff.


Elpromotions Agency have over 10 years experience in organising and managing high profile staffing campaigns for brands in the UK and and Ibiza.

Contact us for a quote here for your next corporate conference or function. We would love to hear from you!

London Models at Brighton Pride 2018

London Models at Brighton Pride 2018

This past weekend, Elpromotions London models and talent made a rather bold appearance at the Brighton Gay Pride Festival in Preston Park. Actors, models and football talent represented Paddy Power, an official sponsor of the festival, in support of Gay Professional Football players.

The campaign launched the first Official Bus of Professional Gay Players. A colourful float, full of confetti and rainbows, ran through the streets of Brighton during the parade! What was the catch? Well, the bus was completely empty. This was to showcase that zero progress has been made when it comes to LGBTQ in the world of football and footballers coming out to the public.


Paddy Power wanted to show professional footballers in the Premier League who may be gay, that the fans are ready; that they have our support and that of millions of others in the UK and abroad. As a result, this campaign brought a lot of attention to the float ad the reason behind it.

Our promotional models took on the following roles at the Brighton Gay Pride Festival.

Paddy Power Bus


London promotional staff walked through Preston Park dressed in Paddy Powder branded Pride Pants and green angel wings. Male promo guys were cheering on festival-goers on whilst firing Paddy Power Pants into the air with a hand-held air cannon. Our promotional staff embraced the full pride spirit and covered themselves in glitter and rainbow tattoos. London Promotional Staff


A Paddy Power market stall was setup in Preston Park where one of our promotional models distributed Paddy Power branded merchandise. The merch included flyers, temporary tattoos, stickers, and a whistle all handed out in a cute little tote bag. The male model was dressed in a Paddy Power branded referee jersey while he interacted with the festival goers.


Along with the referee, Elpromotions Agency provided a professional footballer at the Paddy Power market stall doing football tricks and interacting with the festival goers. The model dressed in a Paddy Power branded football outfit.

London Promotional Staff

Elpromotions Agency London models and promo guys did amazing embracing the job and looked great doing it. Who is excited for next year?

London Promotional Staffing agencies work closely with the clients to achieve their event goals. Why not engage Elpromotions to assist with your next sponsorship activation?

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London Event Staff For Firestone

London Event Staff For Firestone

Last month, London Event Staff Agency Elpromotions expressed its utmost excitement at being the winning London hostess agency. We provided promotional staff for the Firestone Europe activation at All Points East Festival, held at Victoria Park from May 25th to June 3rd.

Promotional models (males and females) played a key role during the festival, ensuring that they capture data across the festival. While working at a number of points, they operated across two major activations: Spin the Tyre and Tattoo Shop. Carrying iPads as they roamed the major paths, Elpromotions staff primarily collected data, but also got the festival attendees to play games, such as digital Spin the Tyre.

  Firestone London Event Staff  

Apart from handing out Firestone branded hats, some of the agency’s promo models also distributed free merchandise. Attendees who participated in any of the games at Firestone activation booths, won a Firestone branded hat.


Tattoo Shop Activation Booth

Elpromotions Event Staffing Agency promotional models were busy between Live shows. They offered people visiting the booth an array of tattoos from which they could choose one design. Once selected, the promo girls assisted to apply the selected airbrush tattoos.

  UK Female Hostess at All Points East Festival  

Spin the Tyre Activation

With promotional model agency hostesses and event hosts, promotional staff encouraged attendees to turn the Firestone wheels for a chance to win some exciting prizes. All they needed to do was match all four symbols! And so, with the probability of that happening being reasonably high, there were quite a few winners. Winners all round!

  Elpromotions Event Staff in London   Data collection staff in London  

Spin the Tyre (Digital Version)

Guests and visitors got to spin the digital version of Spin the Tyre. Our helpful London event staff were in high demand as they helped with each segment of an activation.


LIVE Music Performance vs London Event Staff

During Fridays and Saturdays, Firestone hosted some of the most amazing new talent and live bands on stage. All Points East Festival also offered a variety of other entertainment and activities to enjoy, such as VR games and utility apps. For food lovers, there were plenty of food stalls serving delicious snacks to indulge in.

Overall, the experiential staffing campaign for Firestone was a huge success. Thank you to all our hard-working event staff who kept it real and carried on for 10 days!


You can check out Firestone Europe website for more information on the brand. More information on All Points East Festival on our Facebook Page


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