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Horizn Studios Promotional Campaign

Horizn Studios Promotional Campaign

Elpromotions Agency provided male brand ambassadors for Horizn Studios promotional campaign in London. Horizn opened its first pop-up store in London and we were asked to provide staff to help with the promotion.

The promo activity required ‘hip and cool’ male models to create a buzz around the brand. The Horizn promo guys cycled around Central London during the 6-week pop-up campaign.

Horizn Studios London Brand Ambassadors

How did we raise brand awareness?

Elpromotions models task was to collect and drop off suitcases in the new pop-up space in Soho. The primary task for the guys cycling was to go around busy London areas and intensify brand awareness. Our used a well-known, busy and well-populated routes, making the campaign a success.

Horizn Studios promotional campaign required models to be on-brand, dynamic, modern, young and fashionable. The promotional models were well conversant with the brand background before embarking on their shifts.

Our models were efficient in their work as they cycled carrying the suitcases to the designated areas and drop-off points. They were polite and executed their duties diligently. As a result, the brand awareness campaign was a success with a positive impact emanating post-launch.

Our team reached a large number of people, who are now aware of the Horizn brand. Horizn also received an excellent reception at their flagship store.

Horizn Studios promotional campaign

Male models wore black Horizn Studios branded caps and t-shirts. They attracted people to check out the buzz which effectively met the main aim of the event – raising brand awareness. The models carried suitcases on their bikes throughout the activity, attracting passers by.

Have an upcoming brand awareness campaign?

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Huawei Global MBB Forum 2018

Huawei Global MBB Forum 2018

In November 2018, Elpromotions Agency was briefed to supply corporate event staff for the upcoming Global Mobile Broadband Forum. We worked closely with MCI China to support Huawei on their Global MBB Forum Congress at ExCel London. In addition to London Excel Exhibition Centre, Huawei hosted daily talks and seminars at The Savoy Hotel and East Wintergarden in Central London.

Elpromotions event team included VIP Event Hostesses for Gala Dinner and Corporate Hostesses & Team Leader for the Congress.

Huawei cooperated with over 10 operators and 20 industry partners to demonstrate a shared vision of future mobile connectivity. This included 5G, the Internet Of Things, the latest MBB industry trends, AI, Cloud VR/AR, connected cars and industrial.

Huawei Conference London

Huawei Global MBB Forum 2018

Huawei Global MBB Forum – Main event objectives

5G leadership and MBB business ecosystem development in Europe

MBB new business opportunities

Facilitate cooperation among operators & verticals to expand MBB market

Formulate better policies and regulations for wireless industry

Huawei conference welcomed over 1400 attendees from CXO/VP customers, industry partners, standards organisations, alliance groups, research institutes and media.

Huawei Global MBB Forum Corporate Staff

Corporate Hostess Agency for Huawei for Global MBB Forum

Huawei Forum successfully launched the Speakers’ Corner in the exhibition area, inviting industry eco-system partners to present the most innovative 5G applications and discuss new business models in the upcoming 5G era.

Main topics covered included: AI, 5G technology, drone management platform and e-healthcare.

The annual Global MBB Forum, hosted by Huawei brought together mobile network operators, vertical industry leaders, and broader MBB ecosystem players to showcase real-world case studies.

Huawei Global MBB Forum Hostesses

Elpromotions London Conference Team with Huawei at London ExCel

Elpromotions Exhibition Staffing Agency is a preferred supplier for Huawei London events. Most recently Elpromotions London Hostess Agency assisted at the Huawei Mobile World Congress 2019.

Elpromotions Staff are booked across the IT, technology, consumer, B2B and B2C sectors on a diverse range of events. Our main staffing services include meet and greet hostesses, registration staff, demonstration staff, directional staff and promotional staff.


Elpromotions Agency have over 10 years experience in organising and managing high profile staffing campaigns for brands in the UK and and Ibiza.

Contact us for a quote here for your next corporate conference or function. We would love to hear from you!

London Models at Brighton Pride 2018

London Models at Brighton Pride 2018

This past weekend, Elpromotions London models and talent made a rather bold appearance at the Brighton Gay Pride Festival in Preston Park. Actors, models and football talent represented Paddy Power, an official sponsor of the festival, in support of Gay Professional Football players.

The campaign launched the first Official Bus of Professional Gay Players. A colourful float, full of confetti and rainbows, ran through the streets of Brighton during the parade! What was the catch? Well, the bus was completely empty. This was to showcase that zero progress has been made when it comes to LGBTQ in the world of football and footballers coming out to the public.


Paddy Power wanted to show professional footballers in the Premier League who may be gay, that the fans are ready; that they have our support and that of millions of others in the UK and abroad. As a result, this campaign brought a lot of attention to the float ad the reason behind it.

Our promotional models took on the following roles at the Brighton Gay Pride Festival.

Paddy Power Bus


London promotional staff walked through Preston Park dressed in Paddy Powder branded Pride Pants and green angel wings. Male promo guys were cheering on festival-goers on whilst firing Paddy Power Pants into the air with a hand-held air cannon. Our promotional staff embraced the full pride spirit and covered themselves in glitter and rainbow tattoos. London Promotional Staff


A Paddy Power market stall was setup in Preston Park where one of our promotional models distributed Paddy Power branded merchandise. The merch included flyers, temporary tattoos, stickers, and a whistle all handed out in a cute little tote bag. The male model was dressed in a Paddy Power branded referee jersey while he interacted with the festival goers.


Along with the referee, Elpromotions Agency provided a professional footballer at the Paddy Power market stall doing football tricks and interacting with the festival goers. The model dressed in a Paddy Power branded football outfit.

London Promotional Staff

Elpromotions Agency London models and promo guys did amazing embracing the job and looked great doing it. Who is excited for next year?

London Promotional Staffing agencies work closely with the clients to achieve their event goals. Why not engage Elpromotions to assist with your next sponsorship activation?

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London Event Staff For Firestone

London Event Staff For Firestone

Last month, London Event Staff Agency Elpromotions expressed its utmost excitement at being the winning London hostess agency. We provided promotional staff for the Firestone Europe activation at All Points East Festival, held at Victoria Park from May 25th to June 3rd.

Promotional models (males and females) played a key role during the festival, ensuring that they capture data across the festival. While working at a number of points, they operated across two major activations: Spin the Tyre and Tattoo Shop. Carrying iPads as they roamed the major paths, Elpromotions staff primarily collected data, but also got the festival attendees to play games, such as digital Spin the Tyre.

  Firestone London Event Staff  

Apart from handing out Firestone branded hats, some of the agency’s promo models also distributed free merchandise. Attendees who participated in any of the games at Firestone activation booths, won a Firestone branded hat.


Tattoo Shop Activation Booth

Elpromotions Event Staffing Agency promotional models were busy between Live shows. They offered people visiting the booth an array of tattoos from which they could choose one design. Once selected, the promo girls assisted to apply the selected airbrush tattoos.

  UK Female Hostess at All Points East Festival  

Spin the Tyre Activation

With promotional model agency hostesses and event hosts, promotional staff encouraged attendees to turn the Firestone wheels for a chance to win some exciting prizes. All they needed to do was match all four symbols! And so, with the probability of that happening being reasonably high, there were quite a few winners. Winners all round!

  Elpromotions Event Staff in London   Data collection staff in London  

Spin the Tyre (Digital Version)

Guests and visitors got to spin the digital version of Spin the Tyre. Our helpful London event staff were in high demand as they helped with each segment of an activation.


LIVE Music Performance vs London Event Staff

During Fridays and Saturdays, Firestone hosted some of the most amazing new talent and live bands on stage. All Points East Festival also offered a variety of other entertainment and activities to enjoy, such as VR games and utility apps. For food lovers, there were plenty of food stalls serving delicious snacks to indulge in.

Overall, the experiential staffing campaign for Firestone was a huge success. Thank you to all our hard-working event staff who kept it real and carried on for 10 days!


You can check out Firestone Europe website for more information on the brand. More information on All Points East Festival on our Facebook Page


Why not engage Elpromotions to assist with your next Sponsorship activation? Drop us an email or contact us here.

Ibiza Event Models

Ibiza Event Models

With summer just around the corner our model booking team in Ibiza have been busier than ever. Our Ibiza event models work for creative marketing campaigns and product launch events.

With an increasing demand for commercial models in Ibiza, our Spanish division is highly focusing on hiring new talent for creative and corporate bookings.

Whatever your event might be this Summer, Elpromotions Agency offers a wide range of commercial models qualified to fulfil all of your event needs.


Ibiza Commercial Models


Elpromotions Agency has been operating in Ibiza since 2010 specialising in brand activations, luxury events and marketing. We take great pride in our work and manage each and every campaign with a meticulous attention to detail.


Our Ibiza event team includes:

Promotional Staff

Commercial and Fashion Models

Hosts & Hostesses

Hospitality and Event Staff

Ibiza Event Models and Promotional Models

Hair Stylists & Makeup Artists

Event Managers, Team Leaders and Supervisors

Event Production Teams and Supervisors


With events running from May until October, our team of event models work with clients from different sectors, including technology, media and lifestyle.

Our VIP hostesses look after VIP guests are booked for luxury yacht events and villa parties. They look after potential customers during the peak Summer season. Elpromotions Ibiza models are booked for events, activations and photoshoots.

Besides our events, staffing and model division, we also work with local photographers, production teams and AV companies.

Ibiza Models and Promotional Staff

Ibiza Event Models

Modelo Agencia Ibiza (Spanish version)

If you have an upcoming event in Ibiza or would like to find out more about our amazing event staff or commercial models in Ibiza, get in touch here! You can also drop us an email on

We would love to hear from you!

Huggle UK Freshers Tour

Huggle UK Freshers Tour

Oh what a few months it has been for us at Elpromotions Agency! We have successfully finished the Huggle UK Freshers Tour roadshow for Huggle social app that took our promo team across the UK. Our lovely promotional guys and girls visited various UK Universities to create brand awareness. Well done guys!

  Roadshow promotional staff for Huggle

HUGGLE “Discover people who go to the places you go”

  Huggle UK Freshers Tour Promo Staff    

Engaging Roadshow Staffing Agency in London


Huggle is a fun app that checks you in to the places you spend your time, gyms, cafes, bars etc. It then shows you other people there and all the locations you have in common with each person. 

Our promo staff promoted the Huggle UK Freshers Tour by handing out free tattoos to students. The campaign was held throughout September and October in order to raise awareness of the app.    Huggle App UK Elpromotions Staff  

Our lovely Huggle Brand Ambassadors applied Huggle transfer tattoos, played frisbee and chatted away with Huggle boys in blue morph suits. We want in! Where can we sign up?

Check out and download Huggle here

A Guide To Finding The Best Commercial Modelling Agency For You

A Guide To Finding The Best Commercial Modelling Agency For You

Calling all models! Are you new to the industry; unsure what your next move should be or which agency you should choose to sign with? Perhaps you are facing an influx of offers and interest, or you are simply looking at making your first steps into the industry and want to choose the right commercial agency to represent the start of your career? The world of promotional modelling is one which has grown exponentially thanks to the likes of Kate Moss and Kendall Jenner, whether it’s the catwalks of London Fashion Week, the high-end designers looking for models for events, or else more low key promotional modelling jobs for countless brans all over the world. So, how can you sort through the countless commercial modelling agencies and their promises, and determine which is the right avenue for your career?  

DO – Use your contacts and connections as much as possible

Modelling is big business and knowing the right people can mean the difference between battling 100 other models for one gig, and simply stepping through the door and straight into an event model role.  Here at Elpromotions we do our best to provide a fair and unbiased casting session for each role, but the truth is that many promotional modelling agencies work on a “who you know” basis. Our advice? Spend time researching and finding out more about legitimate promotional agencies with a good reputation among other models, and then work on creating contacts and networks associated with those reputable agencies. 
  • A legitimate modelling agency will never ask you for a joining fee
  • Promotional agencies will be listed under online review sites such as Trustpilot and Glassdoor – use these resources to find out more from insiders!

DO – Know the industry

As one of the industry’s leading boutique event and model staffing agencies, we know exactly what brands are looking for when they hire a model or promotional member of staff.  They want someone who will represent their brand in the best possible way – someone who will engage with their target audience effectively, who will entice passers-by in to learn more, and someone who is able to answer challenging and repetitive questions in a way which best reflects the brand values.  Knowing all of this – and more – is what will take you from inexperienced novice to full blown commercial model – able to walk into any interview or audition and understand exactly what the casting director or promotional staffing agency is looking for. 

DO – Know your style

And then there’s your own individual look. Every model on our books has their own unique style – the beauty of commercial modelling is that every look has the chance to be recognised and celebrated, it is simply a case of matching the right job with the right model.  The most successful modelling careers are built on a knowledge of the market which matches your look – and you shouldn’t have to do this alone. The very best commercial modelling agencies are there to support you, and should be able to guide you into jobs which compliment your style – not those which try and force you into a role which is not suitable for you.  On your hunt for the top modelling agency for you, really think about what joining that agency will do for you. How will they point you in the right direction towards jobs which celebrate your individuality? Do they specialise in your looks or experience? Do they work with the kinds of brands which you would be proud to represent? Elpromotions Ibiza Iberostar Photoshoot

DO – Believe in your career 

As you begin your journey into the world of commercial modelling, finding the best possible agency to represent you through those first jobs can be the best thing to happen to your career – and we think that could just be us! Based in London and Ibiza, we specialise in event and promotional models for a range of clients and opportunities – follow us on our social media channels to see what exciting projects we are currently working on! More than anything, here at Elpromotions we love a chat, and would be delighted to hear from you – simply complete an application form and let us know a little more about you!  Drop us an email on or simply call us on +44 333 011 5463
Elpromotions Hostesses At ICE Totally Gaming

Elpromotions Hostesses At ICE Totally Gaming

ICE Totally Gaming is the World’s biggest Gaming Innovation Showcase held annually at London Excel Exhibition Centre.

For this year’s event, we provided a selection of event and hospitality staff including Waiters and Waitresses. Our diverse selection of multilingual Spanish speaking hostesses welcomed customers to the stand and handed out promotional materials.

We provided a full staffing solution for the conference, including Meet & Greet Hostesses, Models, Interpreters, Waiting Staff and Promotional Staff

ICE Totally Gaming is one of the largest gaming shows in Europe and brings in exhibitors from across the world to trade in the gaming and gambling industry.

Bringing together 600+ solutions and 35,000+ professionals across all sectors of gaming, ICE London is a complete platform to explore future of Gaming and drive revenues through invaluable meetings and networking opportunities.


Expo stand build companyGrupoink Expo Stand Build at ICE Totally Gaming 2016


ICE Totally Gaming Hostesses in UniformsElpromotions Agency Multilingual Spanish Hostesses


Grupoink ICE Totally Gaming HostessesBilingual Spanish Models and Hostesses

Bilingual Waiting Staff at London ExcelMultilingual Spanish Speaking Hospitality Staff
Gaming Event Hospitality Staff
Elpromotions Hospitality Staff – Waiters and Waitresses

Elpromotions staff roster includes Meet & Greet, Hostessing, Interpreters, Waiting Staff and Promotional Staff.


If you are exhibiting at the next ICE London and looking for professional hostesses and models to boost your sales, then give us a call on +44 (0) 333 011 5463 or email

July Events In London And Ibiza

July Events In London And Ibiza

Oh hello hot and sunny weather! The summer has finally arrived and Elpromotions headquarters is busier than ever with exciting July events.

Check out these cool and exciting July events we have coming up in London and Ibiza this month!

Wimbledon 2015 Ladbrokes Bingo with #BuffBallBoys

Wimbledon 2015 has officially started and our male models are hard at work assisting Ladbrokes Bingo until 6th July in Wimbledon, London. If you are in London, come and say hi!

July Events in Staffing Ladbrokes Bingo

SasSea Swimwear Models celebrate National Bikini Day

Our client SasSea Swimwear will be holding an exciting swimwear PR stunt in Hyde Park on Sunday to celebrate National Bikini Day!

With the ashes starting just a couple of days later – stunning models will be getting into the cricket fever by playing the popular game in glamorous bikinis and one pieces. If the weather lasts, it is sure to be a scorcher…

Come say hello and check out these fabulous Bikinis!

Elpromotions Agency July Events in London and Ibiza

SasSea Swimwear

Commercial Models SasSea Swimwear

Elpromotions Agency July Events in London and Ibiza

The Fashion Galleries ‘What Women Want’ Fashion Show in Ibiza

Another great add-on to our July events calendar will take place in Ibiza.

Get ready for outstanding fashion and come along to enjoy the great fashion with Cocktails in the sun. Catch our Ibiza models on the Runway on Friday 3rd July from 1pm-7pm!

Elpromotions Ibiza Models at Nikki Beach

Nikki Beach Summer Series Events

Have an upcoming event in London or Ibiza? Speak to one of our team members to see how we can help  make it special with our beautiful models.

Email or call 0333 011 5463


Elpromotions Los Angeles

Elpromotions Los Angeles

Last month we travelled to sunny California where we opened the first Elpromotions Los Angeles branch!

We are now proud to announce that our LA Model division now includes Female & Male Models, Promotional Staff, VIP Hostesses, Dancers and Editorial Models.

Elpromotions Los Angeles books are now open for new talent including Entertainers, Musicians and Actors. From sunny beaches to fashion fairs, vintage markets and many more – we certainly had fun whilst doing it!

Los Angeles is the entertainment capital of the world and we are super excited to be branching out in such a fantastic city.

Elpromotions Model VictorijaModel Victoriya (Los Angeles)


Between our model castings in Hollywood, photoshoots and meeting new talent – we also managed to fit in a photoshoot for a quirky and fun Belgian designer David Giampiccolo at Venice Beach, CA.

You can check out behind the scenes photos here.

Rachel Zoe Jewellery for Elpromotions Launch

Jewellery by Rachel Zoe

Elpromotions Los Angeles Agency Team

Happy snaps are taken between the shoots with our lovely models and Chrystal, Elpromotions Operations Manager in Los Angeles.

Photoshoot at Venice Beach for Elpromotions

After a long day its JUMP to celebrate the work is over! We all had so much fun!

Here are all the models from the day; Stylist Nicki Grainger from What Alice Found Vintage (UK) and Chrystal (Elpromotions LA)

Stylists at Elpromotions Los Angeles Launch

Our stylist Nicki from WhatAliceFoundVintage (

Calvin Baines Photographer for Elpromotions

Calvin Baines was our lovely photographer for the day (Calvin Baines Photography)

Elpromotions LA Model Emma

Model: Emma
Elpromotions Models in LA
Model: Tiara

Photography by Calvin Baines

You can view our full list of Los Angeles models here.

With huge thanks to Designer David Giampiccolo, Photographer Calvin Baines, Michelle Morgan, Nicki Grainger and Chrystal Rachuj

Elpromotions Agency Los Angeles x