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How To Plan A Successful Festival

How To Plan A Successful Festival

Firestone Europe staffing campaign at All Points East Festival

Are you looking to plan a festival here in the UK? Follow these top tips and remember to call Elpromotions Agency when you need festival promotions staff.

Whether or not your festival is likely to be successful can be judged from the moment you start planning it. Think of those organisers at the Fyre Festival, who messed up so badly that the whole world was watching. If you don’t want that to happen to you, stick to formulaic methods of planning an event instead of trying to think so far outside the box. A good event starts with a good location. Here are other tips to make your event a success.


How do you make a festival successful?

A great festival requires a great location, loved artists, trained staff, and vendors who do not rip off the guests. You also need fantastic promotional materials, a wide-reaching audience, and enough organisation to put it all together in time. Remember that food and water must be plentiful. Also consider that the farther away from civilisation you are, the more facilities you will need.


Employ the three rules of event success.

Making an event successful can be broken down into three rules:

  • Set your budget and plan what you would like to do with the event.
  • Find a venue and bring in festival staff, caterers, and vendors.
  • Focus on how you can apply your brand, logo, and promote your event.

You should consider drawing up an event planning checklist so that you meet all your targets. An event planning checklist should include things like hiring hospitality staff for UK festivals and employing a stage crew. Add in décor, signage, and how you intend to promote your festival to bring in the customers.


Choose an Event Agency You Can Trust

Even with that checklist, you will still need to hire in outside services. An event planner might help you with the bigger picture, ensuring you keep on track with your event and deadlines. Bringing in big acts such as bands and DJ’s are vital here, and they may well know who to speak with to pull the right strings. 

In the past, events staffing company Elpromotions Agency have provided staffing solutions for the ROC Nation London Showcase, worked the All Points East Festival with Firestone, and have staffed private events in Ibiza, Los Angeles and Australia just to name a few. We can even plan and manage your festival for you and give you pointers based on experience. Doing this, we can provide you with the right festival staff  and event production and management solutions for your festival.


Great Festivals Need Great Staff

Festival staff are all part of the exemplary services we offer you here at Elpromotions Agency. Festival event management is our specialty. Our festival promotional staff are skilled at managing a festival and festival event production in the UK. They are well-presented and come with all types of staff. Elpromotions festival crew includes ticket scanners, security personnel, festival bar staff, promotional and hostess staff, stage crew, hospitality staff for UK festivals, and event production staff. 


Hire Elpromotions Agency for Festival Staff

Using our service, you could find employees for your event who are well-trained, know their role, and can get your event off the ground with a bang. Be sure to get in touch with us for a tailored quote on festival staff and festival event production services. You can even call us now on 0333 011 5463. 

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