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The Biggest and Best UK Sporting Events of 2024

The Biggest and Best UK Sporting Events of 2024

Cricket VIP Corporate Hospitality Staff

Whether you are a sporting event organiser or just a fan, these massive sporting events are the ones to watch in 2024. Expect to see Elpromotions VIP event hostesses while you attend. 

2024 is set to be a huge year in terms of international sporting events. As an event staffing specialist in London, Elpromotions Agency are well-placed to provide your team with the VIP hospitality staff for sporting events which your team needs when they arrive. You can expect to see us out in the field in 2024, doing our part for the sporting world.


Biggest UK Sporting Events of 2024

If you are searching for supporting promo staff, you might need them for the following massive UK sporting events of 2024.


The 152nd Golfing Open in Troon

Scotland is famous for its golf courses and windswept, coastal Troon has one of the best. This year, the Royal Troon golf course will welcome its tenth Open, bringing hundreds of visitors to the west coast. Visit Troon between the 17th and 21st of July this year for a great game. Remember, our sports hospitality agency here at Elpromotions can provide high-class employees to support your game.


The EPCR – European Professional Club Rugby Finals in London

Held in Tottenham Hotspur Stadium on High Road in London, the European Professional Club Rugby Finals take place between the 24th and 25th of May. Expect to see the Challenge Cup Final and the Investec Champions Cup Final at this UK rugby hospitality event in 2024.


The World Indoor Athletics Championships in Glasgow

We are back up to Scotland again providing event staff for sporting events. The World Indoor Athletics Championship will include 650 competitors from 130+ countries. There will be 26 events, that’s 13 each for men and women categories. Our events recruitment agency are poised and ready to help facilitate it.


The FA Cup Football Final, London

Britain would not be Britain without its football teams. The FA Cup final in 2024 will decide which team are top of the league for another year. Football fans can catch this event spread over multiple events taking place in London stadiums up until May. Corporate entertaining staff will be out in force to attend those teams.


The UEFA Champions League

On June 1st the world of soccer will once again be in uproar, this time in support of the UEFA cup final. You can catch the Emirates cup running between March and May, culminating on May 25th. As premier-ready events staff for sporting events, Elpromotions Agency hope to be out in force.

VIP Hostess for Sporting Events

Are you looking for a reliable Sports Hospitality Agency?

Elpromotions Agency provides premiership-worthy events hospitality staff suitable for any sporting event or function.

From Silverstone’s F1 and Motorsport hostesses, to event hostesses staffing your Corporate VIP boxes, to promotional staff to generate buzz for your team, you can find high quality, poised, and bubbly VIP hosts for sporting events in the UK and abroad.

With branches in the UK, Ibiza and Monaco, we can bring our VIP hostesses for sporting events all over the globe. 


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