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What is a Brand Ambassador?

What is a Brand Ambassador?

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Trying to find out what the meaning of “Brand Ambassador” is? You’re not alone! Let Elpromotions Agency guide you through the world of brand ambassadors as a tool to enhance business reach.

Whether or not you are in tune with Social Media Marketing, you cannot deny the grip that the Influencer has on their captivated audiences. With users spending an average of 2 hours and 23 minutes on the phone each day, and with two thirds of the world’s population using social media sites (Smart Insights, Jan 2024), only a fool would ignore the potential of the brand ambassador market.

But before you can hire a brand ambassador you ought to do a little research behind who they are and what they do. Luckily Elpromotions Agency are one of London’s favourite promotional agencies, capable of connecting you with the ambassadors who will love your brand. Here is what you need to know.


What is a Brand Ambassador?

A brand ambassador is a type of influencer, which is a person who has a successful social media “life.” They may have anything from a few thousand to millions of followers for a YouTube channel, TikTok account, Facebook page, or Instagram account.

These influencers have a loyal following who care about what the influencer does with their online world. Influencers may specialise in using different beauty products, in wild camping and hiking, have a special skill, or work in a satisfying job. 

Brand ambassadors are influencers who companies recruit specifically to use (and encourage the sale of) their products. When the brand ambassador’s loyal followers see them using the product, they are likelier to buy it. 


Can You Give Examples?

In a broad sense, the Royal Family are brand ambassadors for the whole of the UK. You might associate Kevin Bacon with Footloose or by his frequent adverts with EE. Other top brand ambassadors in the UK include Alan Sugar, Wayne Rooney, and recently Gwendoline Christie promoting Highland Park Whisky.


What are the Job Duties of a Brand Ambassador?

Wondering what specific things brand ambassadors can do for you? These effortlessly cheery social media icons have a large following which you can capture if you ‘sponsor’ them. They simply incorporate your products into their social media content, mentioning you by name. They might review new products or build hype around products which are not on the market yet. 


Other brand ambassador job duties may include:

  • Building your hashtags 
  • Reasoning with online critics
  • Responding to questions, comments, and reviews of your products
  • Creating content for your brand
  • Spreading reach
  • And making you look good online


How do you Hire a Brand Ambassador for Events? 

To hire a brand ambassador for events we would recommend that you connect with a promotional team such as Elpromotions Agency. We have a full list of active, enthusiastic brand ambassadors ready to get started. 


Elpromotions Agency: Connecting You with Brand Ambassadors in London

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Elpromotions Agency Brand Ambassadors are available for hire in London, the UK, Ibiza, Monaco, and beyond. As one of the UK’s leading promotion companies, we connect clients with promotional staff available for hire for any and all events. As well as connecting up-and-coming brands with ambassadors to trumpet their cause, our team also includes hostesses, promotional and commercial models, events managers and in-store demonstration teams.

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