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How Luxury Brands Utilise VIP Hostesses To Engage Customers

How Luxury Brands Utilise VIP Hostesses To Engage Customers

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Building your premiere class business is simpler with the right staff on hand. High end companies are turning to luxury brand ambassadors to sell luxury goods and services through social media. In the offline world, those trend-setting social media stars make for VIP hostesses that drive sales and truly accentuate that top rated consumer experience. When used correctly, immaculately presented luxury brands staff can turn your product launch into a successful business venture. Hiring event hostesses for your London VIP party from Elpromotions Agency could even see you break into the world of luxury items, overnight. With our brand of luxury event staff, you could follow in the footsteps of big names like Prada, Miu Miu, and Hublot.


Boosting Brand Awareness Through VIP Event Hostesses

Luxury brands cherish customer engagement above all else. If the world is talking about you, you are selling products. The modern customer has the power to search and research, to read reviews and gather insights about your brand online. A tailored customer engagement strategy therefore helps control your brand persona. After that, matching the customer profile to that persona will result in maximum business leads. So how do you do it?

Defining your luxury brand starts with activation. From the moment you design your first product or service to the moment you start selling from a high class boutique shop in the trendy part of town, your brand should speak “opulence”. One of the best ways to create the illusion of grandeur your luxury brand activation, event, party, or corporate day out needs, is through hiring luxury brands staff and VIP event hostesses for dinners, launches, brand events, and new products.


How Event Staff and VIP Hostesses Drive Luxury Brand Building

The modern marketing expert will tell you that customer engagement and user experiences are far more important than the purchase itself. When your clients choose a luxury firm, they are buying an emotional experience from you. The way your brand interacts with that customer experience is what makes your product or service luxury. Gartner says customer engagement is important for “keeping customers engaged throughout their purchase journey to develop customer loyalty and collect valuable customer information.”

Of course, you need excellent goods and excellent quality accessories to dress up that experience – but the emotional journey is at the heart of the luxury brand. Hiring high end hostesses and friendly, engaging, attentive VIP event demonstrators is the quickest route to adding emotion onto your products. 

Take big brand name Bulgari, for example. We worked with them to promote products through luxury launches staffed with our wonderful VIP event hosts. We brought two hosts to the Bulgari Boutique in-store event and drove sales and brand recognition with first class service. We even worked with Prada on their retail pop-up series at their flagship stored on Bond Street.


The Benefits of Hiring Event Staff for your First Class Brand

When you hire hospitality staff, festival staff, or in-store demonstrators, you gain the following benefits:

Make an awe-inspiring first impression with uniformed, polite luxury fashion ambassadors

Engage with your customers on a human level

Builds the emotional journey associated with the customer experience through luxury brand ambassadors

Increases your presence – VIP event demonstrators are ideal for opening nights

Builds brand association with luxury and high class products/services

Reinforces brand awareness

Optimises reach and reputation

Follow in the footsteps of brands like Prada and Bulgari by hiring Elpromotions


Where to Hire VIP Hostesses?

You can hire VIP event hostesses in the UK through Elpromotions Agency. We offer enthusiastic real life and virtual event staff throughout London, Ibiza and Monaco who are guaranteed to bring life, joy, and emotional engagement to your next corporate or luxury event. 


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