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Why social distancing and virtual event staff is now essential

Why social distancing and virtual event staff is now essential

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How the events industry has changed?

The events industry has changed in the past year, but companies still require staffing and hospitality professionals. We’ve all had to adapt to a new way of working and learn how to deliver events virtually. The event staff need to be trained in how to use PPE and how to manage large number of guests. Furthermore,  they also need to be able to engage with customers, promote key messaging and increase brand awareness.

We have worked hard and spent a great deal on re-training our staff members to comply with the above. Our Social Distancing Brand Ambassadors and Hostesses are there to welcome guests and help with pedestrian traffic control. They will also encourage effective use of PPE whilst maintaining social distancing.

In light of the new rules, our brand ambassadors and event staff are fully committed to encouraging the public’s adherence to Covid-19 regulations. Our staff are there to engage with customers regarding key brand messages and offers. 

Why virtual events are now essential?

We understand that events have changed drastically during the last year. Just like many other creative event agencies, we are no longer able to support our clients on-site. With that said, we know that staffing requirement for experienced online support staff still remains – it has now become essential! Our events are virtual, but our customer targets and high expectations remain the same.

As a response to the ongoing pandemic, Elpromotions is proud to provide virtual event staff, virtual hosts and brand ambassadors – who can help to support your business. 

All our virtual event professionals are highly trained in IT systems. Rest assured, they are able to manage a large number of guests as well as engage with your customers and promote any key marketing messages. Sounds too good to be true right? Our aim is to take the stress off your shoulders and letting you focus on the importance of customer relationships and growing the business. 

Here at Elpromotions, we understand that having trained and experienced social distancing and virtual event staff in hand is the ultimate key to running a successful online event. 

New business strategy

Virtual online meetings and events have become a crucial part of business strategy and have proved a safe and effective way to host meetings. These include conferences, awards evenings and even company all-hands Zoom calls that were traditionally held in person across the world. If you wish to get your message heard – virtual events are the way to go. We believe virtual events will only get bigger in 2021 as the UK and the rest of the world slowly eases back into the normal life, as we know it.

To book one of our lovely social distancing or virtual event staff for your next event or function, drop us a message here. 

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