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5 Top Tips for Planning an Affordable Luxury Christmas Party

5 Top Tips for Planning an Affordable Luxury Christmas Party

planning a christmas party on a budget

Planning your organisation’s Christmas party this year? Let Elpromotions Agency guide you through planning an exceptional, luxurious Christmas party on a budget.

Every office, organisation, and club, deserves to have an opulent Christmas party where everyone lets their hair down. Planning a Christmas party can be pricey but have no fear. Elpromotions Agency’s top trained event staff are here to help with a few pointers on throwing the perfect luxury Christmas party, even when your budget says otherwise.


Top Tips for Budget Party Planning at your Luxury Event

Luxury event planning is our specialty here at Elpromotions Agency. These top tips will help you create the perfect Christmas party on a budget – with all the luxury trimmings thrown in.


1 – Luxury Events Require Luxury Staff

Hiring VIP event staff is a simple process which completes any luxurious party. When you try to provide luxury to your guests, you are selling them on the experience. What is the biggest difference between an upmarket event and a mediocre one? Upmarket events hire event hostesses to entertain the guests. Elpromotions Agency have luxury event staff for hire here in the UK and in our Ibiza branch. 


2 – Decorate Yourself

Instead of spending extra to have the venue staff decorate your rented space, get there yourself in the afternoon to add a few elegant touches. Add material touches to chairs or table runners and decorate your glasses for a simple, elegant approach. Stick to one or two colours and some Christmas sparkle. Frost the glasses with edible glitter, add a few diamantes, and use candles as a centrepiece for a minimalist approach. Good Housekeeping have great high end, low budget table décor ideas.


3 – Don’t rent the whole venue

Have you considered renting a large table or a section of a venue, instead of the whole venue. Many event spaces offer single rooms for hire, or party suites. These save you a fortune when planning a luxury Christmas party – and you could still get the high end event space that you wanted. You should compare venues too, to see who offers you the best deal.


4 – Add Entertainment

Luxurious entertainment does not have to be expensive entertainment. You could hire a celebrity to show up to your event if you had the funds. However, a well placed chocolate fountain with a suitably sumptuous selection of sweet treats gets everyone talking just the same. You could spend minimal cash hiring fake paparazzi and models to come to your party while people arrive. Digital photo booths require only a camera, a few props, and a luxurious draped background fabric. The Spruce have good office party ideas.


5 – Don’t use Expensive Catering Companies

Expensive catering companies will happily charge you over the odds per person, per event. Instead, shop local for a small business who can produce and deliver your catering. A small local catering business will do all your Christmas party catering for a fraction of the price.


What Makes a Party Luxury?

What makes your Christmas party extraordinary instead of ordinary? It is the finesse you bring to it. From making your guests feel special from the moment they arrive, to ensuring a high end experience the whole night through, it is how you treat them that makes the difference. It is a hundred little luxurious touches that makes the party extra special. Trust Elpromotions Agency’s hospitality staff to turn your event into an extraordinary one.


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