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What is a Brand Ambassador?

What is a Brand Ambassador?

Whether you are a sporting event organiser or just a fan, these massive sporting events are the ones to watch in 2024. Expect to see Elpromotions VIP event hostesses while you attend.

A Guide To Top Ibiza Opening Parties In 2023

A Guide To Top Ibiza Opening Parties In 2023

Cova Santa Ibiza

Image Source: Ibiza Spotlight

Kick off the 2023 season in style

Cova Santa Opening

Photo credit: Ibiza Spotlight

Friday 26 May

Back for 2023 season, this beautiful venue has planned its most diverse summer yet. Fusing dance, theatrics, high-end restaurant and experimental cocktails, it opens its doors on Friday 26 May with a tantalising Opening Party.

Located in-land toward the south of Ibiza, Cova Santa is also a restaurant, bar and nightclub. Owned by the Amnesia group, expect a significantly more intimate clubbing venue, with a relaxed vibe that still brings in some big names throughout the season. If you opt for dining before dancing, you’ll also get access to the club.

Most recently, Cova Santa Club has seen the likes of Marco Carola, Woomoon and Shadows. So go on, indulge in a different experience to your typical clubbing night out in Ibiza.


Black Coffee @ Hi Ibiza

Photo credit: Mind Music Online

Saturday 27 May

Black Coffee continues his groundbreaking Saturday night residency in the Theatre. The global house innovator will fill the room with his refined Afropolitan house, immersive production and unexpected special guests.

The Club room will host a truly mystical musical experience as it reverberates with the sounds of Damian Lazarus. Join the Crosstown Rebels boss on a kaleidoscopic journey through the cosmic side of house and techno. The cutting-edge sounds of our Saturday nights are redefining the clubbing experience.

More info here.


Solomun+1 Opening @ Pacha Ibiza

Photo credit: Gray Area

Sunday 28 May

King Solomun is back and ready to dominate Sundays once again under the infamous Pacha cherries. Solomun kicks off the incredible 21-week residency of his +1 concept at Pacha Ibiza on May 28th.

Since its inception in 2013, Solomun +1 has only grown stronger and more popular, allowing for additional concepts such as the Solomun +LIVE series on the White Isle and +1 events worldwide, from Berlin to New York and Tulum.

This island veteran has been a staple in Pacha’s DJ booth for years, leading his Solomun +1 concept to become one of the club’s most successful parties. We’ve all been eagerly awaiting the 2023 opening ever since his extended set at Pacha’s grand opening party in April, and now the time has finally come to celebrate the triumphant return after a thrilling 2022 season and what felt like a long, long winter.



Ida Engberg Opening at Club Chinois

Photo credit: Ibiza Spotlight

Tuesday 30 May


Ida Engberg is back every Tuesday at Club Chinois for a 18-week residency after the success of 2022. Ida will be the first female to have a full Summer residency with her own brand in the history of Ibiza.

Each week expect exciting line-ups, world-class acts and entertainment led by Ida.

The Best Summer Event Venues in London

The Best Summer Event Venues in London

Looking for iconic summer venues in the UK capital for your next big event? Elpromotions Agency have supplied skilled event staff to these top London venues.

How do you tell which London venues are best suited to your event? You turn to one of the best known event, festival, and hostess agencies in the city for advice. Elpromotions Agency have had the pleasure of providing our brand ambassadors to multiple venues in the City of London. Here are the best London event venues we have discovered so far. 


Best small event venues in London?

These event venues you can hire in London are suited to smaller events. Need a small venue for a kid’s party or an adult’s afterparty? Checkout these spaces.


Under 200 capacity London venues

These are the smallest London capacity venues for when you choose a select audience. These venues are more intimate for private collections or luxury exhibits. 


1 – Indoor

Great for the office Christmas party or your next product launch, the Bvlgari Hotel in London can hold up to 280 people in the main and side ballrooms. Elpromotions Agency had the delight of providing the ROC Nation label greeting and gift bag services here.


2 – Outdoor

The best priced intimate venue we love is in the Bedouin Tent & Garden in St Ethelburga’s Centre. Holding a mere 30 people, this interesting structure has 16 sides, hails from South Arabia, and has an outer covering of woven goats hair. This is ideal for an unforgettable prototype introduction or new project pitch. Our indoor demonstrators may be of use to you.


Under 300 capacity venues

If you stay under 300 people with your guest list, you have a greater choice in venues for hire in London. These are our favourite indoor and outdoor small event venues.


3 – Indoor

The Savoy in London is a world renowned hotel capable of accommodating your event of 300 people or less. They can also hold capacity beyond 1,000 guests. We were privileged to help with the event for the Accor Hotel Group held here.


4 – Outdoor

If you want an outdoor event which seats most of your guests, Shoreditch Gardens represent a beautifully outdoor space for your summer event. They can seat 250 but will accept up to 1,000 people standing.


Best large event venue in London?

Planning an epic indoor or outdoor summer event this season? Keep reading for industry-experience-backed venues which are big enough for an epic event.


300+ capacity venues for London City events

These large venues in London are ideal for huge events. Over our years of experience, Elpromotions Agency have worked in unforgettable buildings. 


5 – Indoor

If you want big space and lots of options, ExCel London is a great space. Hold small events in the smaller rooms or host an entire networking event for up to 4,200 people. Elpromotions Agency were here representing Visit Qatar back in 2022.

Alternatively, check out the Hilton Park Lane where we supported an event for Pokerstars Travel.


6 – Outdoor

We have attended festivals and events held outdoors in East London’s Victoria Park. This is where the All Points East festival is held. With 218 acres, it holds as many people as you need it to.


Planning an Event? Hire Staff Here

Event staff are the next big step in planning your London event. Secure your festival staff now by hiring hostesses, bar staff, event management, and we will even help you create a uniform. Whether you need bubbly models or event staff in Ibiza, visit Elpromotions Agency today for a free quote on event staff hire in London.  Remember: you will have to hire the venue separately!


How To Plan A Successful Festival

Firestone Europe staffing campaign at All Points East Festival

Are you looking to plan a festival here in the UK? Follow these top tips and remember to call Elpromotions Agency when you need festival promotions staff.

Whether or not your festival is likely to be successful can be judged from the moment you start planning it. Think of those organisers at the Fyre Festival, who messed up so badly that the whole world was watching. If you don’t want that to happen to you, stick to formulaic methods of planning an event instead of trying to think so far outside the box. A good event starts with a good location. Here are other tips to make your event a success.


How do you make a festival successful?

A great festival requires a great location, loved artists, trained staff, and vendors who do not rip off the guests. You also need fantastic promotional materials, a wide-reaching audience, and enough organisation to put it all together in time. Remember that food and water must be plentiful. Also consider that the farther away from civilisation you are, the more facilities you will need.


Employ the three rules of event success.

Making an event successful can be broken down into three rules:

  • Set your budget and plan what you would like to do with the event.
  • Find a venue and bring in festival staff, caterers, and vendors.
  • Focus on how you can apply your brand, logo, and promote your event.

You should consider drawing up an event planning checklist so that you meet all your targets. An event planning checklist should include things like hiring hospitality staff for UK festivals and employing a stage crew. Add in décor, signage, and how you intend to promote your festival to bring in the customers.


Choose an Event Agency You Can Trust

Even with that checklist, you will still need to hire in outside services. An event planner might help you with the bigger picture, ensuring you keep on track with your event and deadlines. Bringing in big acts such as bands and DJ’s are vital here, and they may well know who to speak with to pull the right strings. 

In the past, events staffing company Elpromotions Agency have provided staffing solutions for the ROC Nation London Showcase, worked the All Points East Festival with Firestone, and have staffed private events in Ibiza, Los Angeles and Australia just to name a few. We can even plan and manage your festival for you and give you pointers based on experience. Doing this, we can provide you with the right festival staff  and event production and management solutions for your festival.


Great Festivals Need Great Staff

Festival staff are all part of the exemplary services we offer you here at Elpromotions Agency. Festival event management is our specialty. Our festival promotional staff are skilled at managing a festival and festival event production in the UK. They are well-presented and come with all types of staff. Elpromotions festival crew includes ticket scanners, security personnel, festival bar staff, promotional and hostess staff, stage crew, hospitality staff for UK festivals, and event production staff. 


Hire Elpromotions Agency for Festival Staff

Using our service, you could find employees for your event who are well-trained, know their role, and can get your event off the ground with a bang. Be sure to get in touch with us for a tailored quote on festival staff and festival event production services. You can even call us now on 0333 011 5463. 

Here’s everything you need to know about living and working in Ibiza

Here’s everything you need to know about living and working in Ibiza

As of 2021, UK citizens are subject to the same Spanish immigration rules as residents of non-EU countries, such as Russia, China, and the United States. Therefore, UK citizens who wish to live permanently or for an extended period in Spain must maintain legal residency status or a long-term visa. 

A foreigner identity card, known as Tarjeta de Identidad de Extranjero (TIE), must be obtained upon arrival to Spain, the Balearics, and Ibiza whilst completing a full residence or visa application. You can apply for your Residency and TIE from the UK. We recommend speaking to a Spanish Lawyer as the process is quite complicated. 

Let’s look at different options below.

Living and working in Ibiza for UK Citizens

If you are a non-EU citizen and wish to live and work in Ibiza for an extended period of time, you must apply for residency or a work permit. By maintaining your residence in Ibiza, you will be able to take advantage of all the benefits of working in Spain should you decide to do so on a permanent or extended basis. 

As the Spanish government is welcoming new entrepreneurs into its country, if you have a solid business project you would like to set up in Spain, that could be a great way to qualify for a residency in the country.

Who needs a work visa?

If you want to live and work in Spain, there are two main branches of authorities that you will be dealing with: the immigration authority under the Ministerio de Inclusión, Seguridad Social y Migraciones (Ministry of Inclusion, Social Security, and Migration), and the labor and employmentauthorities under the Ministerio de Trabajo y Economía Social (Ministry of Labor and Social Economy).

Fortunately for EU, EEA, or Swiss citizens, moving to Spain is simple, and they can live, work, and study in the country without restriction. However, most non-EU/EEA citizens, also called third-country nationals, need a work permit and must secure an employment contract before they can apply for one. UK citizens who wish to come to Spain to live and work post-Brexit will also need a residence and work visa. 


Required documents

When you arrive in Spain, to stay long term, you must apply for a residents permit (Tarjeta de Residencia – TIE) and a Foreigner’s Identity Number (Número de Identificación de ExtranjeroNIE) through the local Foreigner’s Office (Oficina de Extranjeros) or police within 30 days.

You will need the NIE for all your finance and administrative procedures in Spain; this includes opening a bank account, receiving your salary, registering for social security, paying taxes, buying property, and applying for a Spanish driver’s licenseKeep in mind that everyone working in Spain, whether they are a paid employee or self-employed, must register with the General Social Security Fund (Dirección General de la Tesorería General de la Seguridad Social – TGSS).  If you are an employee, then your employer will do this for you, but if you are self-employed, it is your responsibility.



Work visas for seasonal workers

If you are a non-EU citizen wishing to carry out seasonal work in Spain, you will need to obtain the following:

  • a work and residence permit
  • a work and residence visa



The visa application process is nearly the same as if you were applying for long-term employment. However, there are a few additional requirements:

  • Your employer must provide accommodation in “conditions of adequate dignity and hygiene”
  • Your employer must pay your travel costs
  • You must agree to return to your country of origin when the contract is finished


How to apply

Before you apply for your work and residence visa, your employer must obtain a work permit from the Provincial Aliens Affairs Office, or from any official department of labor in the different Autonomous Communities.

Once the work permit has been authorized, the residence permit is granted together with the work permit by the Provincial Aliens Affairs Office. Once the work permit has been authorized, you must apply for a work and residence visa at the Embassy or Consulate in your country of residence which will allow you to enter Spain to work.


Length of validity

Permits are valid for a maximum of nine months per calendar year and will be of the same duration as the work contract. Shorter contracts and permits can be extended, but only up to a maximum of nine months in total.


Self-Employed Visa

If you intend to work for yourself in Spain, then as well as complying with the same requirements for permission to reside as are applicable to someone without permission to work, you will need to demonstrate that you are able to comply with the Spanish rules currently in force in relation to the commercial activity in question. This includes evidence of any qualifications that entitle you to carry out that activity, that you have sufficient funds to invest in the activity to make it viable, and an indication of the number of people you may employ, if any.  

You will also need to show that in addition to the funds available for investment in your economic activity you have sufficient funds to support yourself, which will be the same as those required for people applying for indefinite permission to reside, as set out above.

Setting up a New Business

In Spain, if you choose to set up a business – you will need to have your NIE number organised beforehand and any relevant paperwork relating to your education – for example, certificates prepared, because depending upon what you plan to do, your qualifications may need to be recognised officially. This should be dealt with by your business advisor, who will also advise you on structuring the company, legal issues, and planning (you could also ask your Gestoria for direction with this).


Proof that your business proposition is viable

Recently, the Spanish government approved the first draft of a law with several immigration and tax advantages for startups and digital nomad visas. This law aims to promote the ecosystem by attracting emerging companies, talent and capital to develop innovative entrepreneurial activities in Spain.

If you are applying for permission to work for yourself in Spain, then in addition to supplying evidence of your ability to fund yourself and your business, as well as showing that you have adequate qualifications to carry out the work, you will need to present what is essentially a business plan showing how you will develop your economic activity from a practical and financial perspective, in addition to the employment that you expect your activity to create.  

In essence, your business needs to make sense to you and to the Spanish authorities in order for you to be granted permission to work for yourself in Spain.

The procedure to be followed

When you make your application for a visa to work for yourself in Spain, you will need to show that you have:
  1. sufficient health insurance,
  2. that you do not have a criminal record, and
  3. that you are not suffering from a serious illness.  
If all is in order then you will be issued with a visa within a month and will be able to enter Spain within three months, as would be the case for those collecting visas for permission to reside without permission to work.  All non-EU foreign nationals residing in Spain will need to apply for a residence card from the immigration office closest to wherever you are living in Spain.  If you have permission to work and do not register with the social security office within three months of your arrival, you may be fined and your right to remain may lapse.
5 Top Tips for Planning an Affordable Luxury Christmas Party

5 Top Tips for Planning an Affordable Luxury Christmas Party

planning a christmas party on a budget

Planning your organisation’s Christmas party this year? Let Elpromotions Agency guide you through planning an exceptional, luxurious Christmas party on a budget.

Every office, organisation, and club, deserves to have an opulent Christmas party where everyone lets their hair down. Planning a Christmas party can be pricey but have no fear. Elpromotions Agency’s top trained event staff are here to help with a few pointers on throwing the perfect luxury Christmas party, even when your budget says otherwise.


Top Tips for Budget Party Planning at your Luxury Event

Luxury event planning is our specialty here at Elpromotions Agency. These top tips will help you create the perfect Christmas party on a budget – with all the luxury trimmings thrown in.


1 – Luxury Events Require Luxury Staff

Hiring VIP event staff is a simple process which completes any luxurious party. When you try to provide luxury to your guests, you are selling them on the experience. What is the biggest difference between an upmarket event and a mediocre one? Upmarket events hire event hostesses to entertain the guests. Elpromotions Agency have luxury event staff for hire here in the UK and in our Ibiza branch. 


2 – Decorate Yourself

Instead of spending extra to have the venue staff decorate your rented space, get there yourself in the afternoon to add a few elegant touches. Add material touches to chairs or table runners and decorate your glasses for a simple, elegant approach. Stick to one or two colours and some Christmas sparkle. Frost the glasses with edible glitter, add a few diamantes, and use candles as a centrepiece for a minimalist approach. Good Housekeeping have great high end, low budget table décor ideas.


3 – Don’t rent the whole venue

Have you considered renting a large table or a section of a venue, instead of the whole venue. Many event spaces offer single rooms for hire, or party suites. These save you a fortune when planning a luxury Christmas party – and you could still get the high end event space that you wanted. You should compare venues too, to see who offers you the best deal.


4 – Add Entertainment

Luxurious entertainment does not have to be expensive entertainment. You could hire a celebrity to show up to your event if you had the funds. However, a well placed chocolate fountain with a suitably sumptuous selection of sweet treats gets everyone talking just the same. You could spend minimal cash hiring fake paparazzi and models to come to your party while people arrive. Digital photo booths require only a camera, a few props, and a luxurious draped background fabric. The Spruce have good office party ideas.


5 – Don’t use Expensive Catering Companies

Expensive catering companies will happily charge you over the odds per person, per event. Instead, shop local for a small business who can produce and deliver your catering. A small local catering business will do all your Christmas party catering for a fraction of the price.


What Makes a Party Luxury?

What makes your Christmas party extraordinary instead of ordinary? It is the finesse you bring to it. From making your guests feel special from the moment they arrive, to ensuring a high end experience the whole night through, it is how you treat them that makes the difference. It is a hundred little luxurious touches that makes the party extra special. Trust Elpromotions Agency’s hospitality staff to turn your event into an extraordinary one.


Why Instagram Influencers Love Ibiza?

Why Instagram Influencers Love Ibiza?

female model in Ibiza - Elpromotions Agency at Iberostar

Ibiza has been the party central of Europe since back in the nineties. The combination of stunning scenery, beautiful VIP celebrations, and high fashion makes it the ideal place to become a digital nomad. 

Instagram influencers love Ibiza and with good reason. Here at Elpromotions, we have represented big brand names like Prada and MiuMiu while they threw epic, Ibiza-style parties. Event promotions are our specialty, so we know a thing or two about why Instagram influencers are so entranced with this famous island. 


Why Influencers Choose Ibiza?

What makes this epic island so attractive to thousands of budding online stars every year? Ibiza plays home to multiple marketing opportunities. Branding and fashion are the two keywords of the Ibizan influencer market. There are other reasons to stay here, too. It is central to the rest of Europe, ideal for attracting brands to affiliate or collab with, and excellent for IG-worthy shots. Ibiza is so attractive to influencers that there are lists of places to see and things to do to get that perfect shot.

Here’s a detailed breakdown of why everyone from luxury lifestyle brands to emerging IG influencers love coming to Ibiza. 


Fashion and Style in Ibiza

From San Antonio Bay to Sant Jordi de ses Salines, Ibiza is host to several fashion labels. Not only has it home grown names like Charo Ruiz, Ushuaïa Collection, and Beatrice San Francisco – it also attracts established fashion brands. You will find Prada on these shores; you will see Valentino on these streets. You will walk among Armani and Versace and countless other brands. If you’re lucky enough, they might ask you to wear their clothes.


Epic Instagram Photos 

There is no lying about the awe-inspiring potential for picturesque Insta-pics in Ibiza. Instagrammable locations include the caves in Cala D’Hort, the islet of Es Vedra, and the swing out over the ocean in Cala Xarraca. Yummy.


Follower Boosts and Branding Definition

It’s true, big name Insta stars who have attended Ibiza report that they had a boost in followers and likes after visiting the island. Some reported that the island drew more followers to their already substantial account than attending a wedding. If you want more followers, skip out on that wedding, and go to Ibiza, instead. Influencers come here to show the idyllic lifestyle, define their brand as a sunworshipper, and potentially never go home.


Networking and Events

Despite all the above, there is one stand-out reason why Ibiza is the best place to be for an influencer – and that is networking and event attendance. If there is one place in the world you can be sure there are high society parties to be seen at, it’s Ibiza. Following Elpromotions can help you stay on top of where you should be seen in Ibiza on any given year. You will find the list of important events on our blog. 


Where to find Staff for my Big Ibiza Influencer Event?

The Elpromotions Ibiza team are on hand to help promote your next big event. Whether you are an emerging influencer or an established brand, we have the professional, friendly, and drop-dead-gorgeous event staff you need to make your day sparkle… Ibiza style. Find out more here or contact us today to get a quote. A successful event is only a few clicks away. 


How Luxury Brands Utilise VIP Hostesses To Engage Customers

How Luxury Brands Utilise VIP Hostesses To Engage Customers

Luxury retail staff agency London


Building your premiere class business is simpler with the right staff on hand. High end companies are turning to luxury brand ambassadors to sell luxury goods and services through social media. In the offline world, those trend-setting social media stars make for VIP hostesses that drive sales and truly accentuate that top rated consumer experience. When used correctly, immaculately presented luxury brands staff can turn your product launch into a successful business venture. Hiring event hostesses for your London VIP party from Elpromotions Agency could even see you break into the world of luxury items, overnight. With our brand of luxury event staff, you could follow in the footsteps of big names like Prada, Miu Miu, and Hublot.


Boosting Brand Awareness Through VIP Event Hostesses

Luxury brands cherish customer engagement above all else. If the world is talking about you, you are selling products. The modern customer has the power to search and research, to read reviews and gather insights about your brand online. A tailored customer engagement strategy therefore helps control your brand persona. After that, matching the customer profile to that persona will result in maximum business leads. So how do you do it?

Defining your luxury brand starts with activation. From the moment you design your first product or service to the moment you start selling from a high class boutique shop in the trendy part of town, your brand should speak “opulence”. One of the best ways to create the illusion of grandeur your luxury brand activation, event, party, or corporate day out needs, is through hiring luxury brands staff and VIP event hostesses for dinners, launches, brand events, and new products.


How Event Staff and VIP Hostesses Drive Luxury Brand Building

The modern marketing expert will tell you that customer engagement and user experiences are far more important than the purchase itself. When your clients choose a luxury firm, they are buying an emotional experience from you. The way your brand interacts with that customer experience is what makes your product or service luxury. Gartner says customer engagement is important for “keeping customers engaged throughout their purchase journey to develop customer loyalty and collect valuable customer information.”

Of course, you need excellent goods and excellent quality accessories to dress up that experience – but the emotional journey is at the heart of the luxury brand. Hiring high end hostesses and friendly, engaging, attentive VIP event demonstrators is the quickest route to adding emotion onto your products. 

Take big brand name Bulgari, for example. We worked with them to promote products through luxury launches staffed with our wonderful VIP event hosts. We brought two hosts to the Bulgari Boutique in-store event and drove sales and brand recognition with first class service. We even worked with Prada on their retail pop-up series at their flagship stored on Bond Street.


The Benefits of Hiring Event Staff for your First Class Brand

When you hire hospitality staff, festival staff, or in-store demonstrators, you gain the following benefits:

Make an awe-inspiring first impression with uniformed, polite luxury fashion ambassadors

Engage with your customers on a human level

Builds the emotional journey associated with the customer experience through luxury brand ambassadors

Increases your presence – VIP event demonstrators are ideal for opening nights

Builds brand association with luxury and high class products/services

Reinforces brand awareness

Optimises reach and reputation

Follow in the footsteps of brands like Prada and Bulgari by hiring Elpromotions


Where to Hire VIP Hostesses?

You can hire VIP event hostesses in the UK through Elpromotions Agency. We offer enthusiastic real life and virtual event staff throughout London, Ibiza and Monaco who are guaranteed to bring life, joy, and emotional engagement to your next corporate or luxury event. 


Belvedere VIP Hostesses in Ushuaia Ibiza

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